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A-Z of services at PS Dental Care

There are lots of different services that you can take advantage of when you visit the dentist in Soho at PS Dental Care. We offer these alongside our excellent communication, patient-centred care and supportive environment.

When you combine all of these with a high standard of hygiene and skilled practitioners, you get the experience that we are proud to offer at PS Dental Care.

Dentist in SohoSome of our treatments

  • Botox – this is the treatment that people are often surprised to find at the dentist in Soho. We offer non-surgical cosmetic enhancement to surround and complement your smile;
  • Bridges – this is a way of replacing missing teeth that are next to one another. You can have more than one replacement mounted on a bridge;
  • Cosmetic bonding – this is used to mould a tooth into better shape. This might mean repairing a crack or covering stains, as well as addressing other damage;
  • Crowns – these are caps that are applied to the tops of teeth to reseal them and prevent further decay. This is often done after any damage has been cleared away and the resulting hole has been filled;
  • Dental hygiene – this is one of the primary services at the dentist in Soho. We support your ongoing, at-home dental care with check-ups, advice and treatment suggestions;
  • Dental implants – these are a long-term, secure replacement option that offer you excellent functionality and a great-looking smile. They can be used to replace single or multiple teeth;
  • Invisalign – a revolutionary teeth-straightening method. Invisalign utilises clear aligners to realign your smile so that the visual impact of your treatment on your appearance is minimal;
  • Mercury-free dentistry – there is a lot of debate surrounding the use of mercury in dentistry. At PS Dental Care, we have chosen to work without mercury, so we can be sure we are offering you dental treatment with minimal risks;
  • Smile makeovers – the process of choosing a number of dental treatments to craft a beautiful look is often called a smile makeover. We can offer you a treatment plan that gives you the teeth you have always wanted;
  • Teeth whitening – a straightforward cosmetic treatment that we offer alongside our other smile refinement options to give you an instant boost.

Looking for the right dentist to suit you

Looking for the right dentist is an important part of our self-care. Regular, thorough brushing and flossing teeth ensure we do our part in maintaining oral health, however, it’s important to see our dentists every 6 months for check-ups and oral hygiene appointments.

If you look at an average life adult lifetime from 18-85 years, with 2 visits a year, you’re looking at 134 visits. With this in mind, it’s important we choose the right dentist. In Soho, PS Dental Care is a good, modern dental surgery that offers the latest in technology and believes in lifetime care.

Dentist in SohoWho’s my dentist in Soho?

We offer a range of services with dentists who keep up to date with the latest in dental technology. For example, one of our principal dentists, Dr Pisiaras’s areas of interest are implant dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and smile design. He brings his masters in implantology, his certificate in aesthetic dentistry and his accreditation in Invisalign to the dental chair. Combining his knowledge and passion to ensure each patient receives the best treatments available. To meet the whole dental team, you can look online and read detailed profiles on each dentist.

Loving my dentist choices, but who would I go to for a regular check-up?

Once you’ve seen that a dental surgery can offer you the latest in technology should you need cosmetic, curative or corrective dentistry, you also need to know your hygienist. They will be the person you go to for regular check-ups, they maintain and are part of preventive dentistry. We have 3 good hygienists who can offer you great ongoing care, one of which is Claire O’Grady. She has been a dental hygienist for 8 years and is known in the practice for her gentle, thorough approach to patient care. She ensures she’s continually updating her knowledge.

Not just looking after your teeth, as your dentist in Soho we look after your purse as well

We offer a range of payment plans and have a range of options to suit every pocket. If you need a dentist in Soho, give our friendly, professional reception today to have a consolation to meet a member of the team.

More than a check-up

It’s something most of us have to do twice a year, the dental check-up, an all-important appointment to make sure your dental health is in fine fettle. With those check-ups out of the way, many people forget all about visiting the dentist in Soho until their next scheduled check 6 months down the line. But what about all that time in between those check-ups, is there ever a reason to visit the dentist then?

Dentist in SohoAt PS Dental Care, your dentist in Soho, we think so. In fact we know so, as we’ve seen hundreds of patients benefit from the many and varied services we provide over and above the dental check-up. Here are a few examples of when you might need to pay us a visit:

Ouch, that hurts!

Do you have sore, swollen, or bleeding gums? Do you have sensitive teeth or a persistent toothache? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, get yourself in to see us pronto. Gums that are causing you pain could be a sign of gum disease, while teeth that are giving you jip could be a sign of tooth decay. Both of these conditions are treatable, and, untreated, both lead to tooth loss. So don’t delay, call us for an appointment with your Soho dentist today.

Hhmpf, that doesn’t look great

When you look at your smile in the mirror, does it leave you feeling a little dejected? Your smile is a powerful, non-verbal tool of communication and when it isn’t working at its best, your confidence can take a serious beating. We provide a range of cosmetic dental treatments to restore your smile to its former glory. Teeth whitening, veneers, cosmetic bonding and invisible braces are just a few of the options you can explore with your Soho dentist.

I wish I looked as young as I feel

Are you young at heart but not so young in facial skin? Ageing takes its toll and no more obviously than on your face. That’s why we offer Botox to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and leave you looking fresher faced. As dentists we have the ideal skillset to administer Botox effectively, safely and with natural results.

Turn that frown upside down

I say bread, you say butter. I say up, you say down. I say dentist, you say pain. Word association can reveal a lot about what people think. Unfortunately, today there are still lots of patients who have negative associations with visiting the dentist. For some it is quite literally a fear of dental pain, for others it is just a pain in the neck to visit the dentist in Soho when there are more pleasant things to be doing. We understand this at PS Dental Care, after all we aren’t just dentists but patients too; we get our teeth checked just as you do.

Dentist in SohoIt’s with this understanding of what it’s like to be a patient that we approach dentistry. As a dentist in Soho, we make sure that your patient experience is as smooth, stress-free and, dare we say it, enjoyable, as possible. You won’t be frowning when you think of your next visit to see us.

Clear communication

From your very first visit, we will take all the time needed to explain exactly what we’re doing and why. If you’re having a dental check-up, we’ll explain our findings. It may be that all is well and it’s just a matter of congratulating you on keeping your teeth in such good condition. Or we may detect the early signs of tooth decay or gum disease, in which case we’ll explain how these come about and what we can do together to get you back to full dental health.

If you come in for treatment, from a simple filling to more complex dental implant surgery, every step of the procedure will be fully explained so you’ll know what to expect.

We always have time to answer questions, so don’t hesitate to ask.

All round care

We don’t just look out for the health of your teeth. As a modern dentist in Soho, we also provide services to enhance your smile. If you don’t feel 100% happy with your smile, come see us and let us know about your concerns. We can then discuss treatment options, from teeth whitening to veneers. We even offer Botox to provide a more youthful frame to your smile.

Get help with your tooth sensitivity

Are you constantly irritated by pain in your teeth? Do you avoid eating or drinking hot or cold things because of your sensitive teeth? If so, it’s something you should not ignore. Tooth sensitivity is a sign that something is wrong with your teeth. Catch it early and it can be treated or managed by your dentist. Here at PS Dental Care, our dentist in Soho can help you with your sensitive teeth. It may not be clear to you why your teeth are sensitive but we are trained at spotting the issues in your mouth that can cause this sensation.

Dentist in SohoWhy do teeth get sensitive?

There are a number of reasons such as gum recession, tooth erosion or decay. If your tooth roots are exposed, or if the soft centre of your tooth (the part under the enamel) is being attacked by bacteria, your teeth will feel sensitive. Gum recession or gum disease can expose the roots of your teeth. If you notice bleeding or receding gums in your mouth it’s important that you visit your dentist in Soho.

How can sensitive teeth be treated?

This depends on what’s causing your tooth sensitivity. Don’t try to treat tooth sensitivity by yourself. Toothpastes that can help with tooth sensitivity are great when used in the right way. However, if you use them in the wrong situation, such as with tooth decay, you’ll be masking a problem that will only get worse. It’s very important to get tooth sensitivity assessed by your dentist in Soho to make sure you get the right treatment for your sensitive teeth.

What can we do?

Gum grafts

This is a treatment that takes gum from elsewhere in your mouth to cover an area of exposed tooth root. It’s used in the case of gum recession or gum disease. Grafting gum over the exposed root can protect your roots and reduce sensitivity.

Root canals

When tooth sensitivity is caused by an infection of the pulp of your teeth, we’ll recommend a root canal treatment. This treatment involves removing the soft sensitive core and nerve of your tooth. We’ll replace the centre of your tooth with a filling so it remains strong.

Regular visits to the dentist in Soho

On the whole, it’s the thought of the cost and the fear of pain that put people off vising their dentist, which is ironic considering that both can only increase the longer patients avoid coming in for a check-up.

At PS Dental Care, your dentist in Soho, we welcome new patients, both Londoners and those who work here during the week. Our practice in Poland Street has a strong focus on preventive dentistry.

Dentist in SohoIt is true that good dentistry does not come cheap. People can baulk at the cost of a check-up, and decide not to follow the general advice to come to the dentist every 6 months for a check-up, especially when every time they get the all-clear.

However, some people, especially those who have gum disease and require treatment or monitoring, will be told they need to come for check-ups more frequently. Others, who are in excellent oral health, may be told they need only come once a year. It doesn’t matter which category you fit into, the point is that when it comes to dental health, prevention is always better, and therefore less expensive, than the cure.

Modern preventive dentistry is all about stopping problems before they really get going, dealing with them in their very early stages. When we catch problems early, the treatments is always less invasive, quicker and costs less.

The 2 leading causes of tooth loss are gum disease and tooth decay. Both have early warning signs that we can spot, but you won’t feel. As your dentist in Soho, we can deal with these issues before pain lets you know they are there, by which time, they are already quite advanced.

Your first visit to the dentist in Soho

When you come to us as a new patient, we will need to spend some time getting to know you as a person and your dental and medical history. You will need to tell us about any medical conditions you have or medication you take, so that we can factor that information into any treatments we give you.

We will also carry out own complete clinical examination.

A different kind of dentist in Soho

If you live or work in central London and are looking for a dentist in Soho, then it’s important to think about what you want from your dental clinic. Here at PS Dental Care on Poland Street, we cater to Londoners and those who are here every day working hard to make the capital a vibrant centre of commerce.

We like to think we are different from your average dentist in Soho. Here’s how:

Dentist in SohoMercury-free dentistry

Although amalgam, a combination of silver, tin and mercury has been very useful in dentistry since it was first developed in the 1820s, things have now moved on. Composite fillings are made of a mixture of glass and plastic and are tooth-coloured. Since they first came on the market, white fillings have become much more durable. They can be sculpted to give you back the tooth’s chewing surfaces. They require far less healthy tooth material to be removed, so your teeth stay stronger for longer and they bond with the tooth so no decay-causing bacteria can get in underneath them. We use white fillings and ceramic restorations (inlays and onlays) instead of amalgam.

Cosmetic dentistry

When you have strong, healthy teeth, you also want them to look great. As a dentist in Soho, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments, including:

  • Veneers and composite bonding to cover over imperfections
  • White fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Invisalign clear aligners to straighten wonky teeth
  • Botox to smooth out unwanted wrinkles.

Emergency dentistry

If you crack a tooth during work hours, or get one or two knocked out during your lunchtime sports sessions, you need to be able to get to a dentist as soon as possible. Similarly, if you have a toothache that is severe, you need help. Here at PS Dental Care, we will make sure that your get an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

Dental implants

We believe dental implants are the best way to replace lost teeth. We also believe they can be inserted without causing you pain. Dental implants are one of our primary services here at PS Dental Care, perfect for you if you want consultations, fittings and aftercare without having to miss too much time off work.

Get your check-ups twice a year at the dentist in Soho

Are you one of the good guys? One of the ones with an electric toothbrush with a 2-minute timer that you use morning and night to remove plaque? You are? Then at PS Dental Care, we salute you because you make our jobs so easy. But please don’t think that because you are so diligent that you don’t still need to come for a check-up with your dentist in Soho twice a year.

Dentist in SohoYou do, and this is why. Only we can see into your mouth well enough and are trained to spot early signs of gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer or other nasties. You won’t know they are there until they start to hurt and by then, they will be well advanced.

When you come to us at PS Dental Care as your dentist in Soho, you will have a free oral health assessment. During this assessment, we want to hear all about your health history and it is also your chance (not your only one, ever) to tell us about any worries you have. Here is what to expect from our Soho dentist during your oral health assessment.

 Checking up on your teeth

As you lie back and relax, you will feel the Soho dentist gently using a metal probe to look at your teeth for signs of decay. The dentist will also use a small mirror to get a good view of the teeth at the back of your mouth. They may poke at your gums a bit to check for pockets caused by gum disease and also look for attrition and erosion. You will may also have to bite down on some carbon paper so that your dentist can see if your teeth are biting together correctly, and whether you are grinding your teeth in your sleep. If you are over 35, the dentist will also check for signs of oral cancer by using their hands to palpate your neck and looking at the soft tissues in your mouth.

We will make detailed notes on the state of your teeth, including the fillings, crowns, veneers or implants.

Save precious time with the dentist in Soho

It’s funny that no matter how many gadgets and time-saving devices we invent, even with game changers like the internet, nothing ever seems to give us more free time. We all work as hard as ever, and taking time off, even for important dental work, can be difficult to factor into our super-busy schedules.

You will know all about this if you commute to the area around Oxford Street. Trying to get into London and across London can be nightmare enough without having to get back again to make an appointment on the other side of town, or in the country.

Dentist in SohoThat’s why it can make real sense to have a dentist in Soho close to where you work. You can so much more easily get appointments that you can pop out to without having to take entire mornings or afternoons off and lose precious annual leave.

Here at PS Dental Care, our dentists, Antonis Pisiaras and Nuno Santos are backed up by former practice-owner Doug Jarvis. Between us, we have more than 60 years of experience of dental practice.

Mercury-free dentistry

At this dentist in Soho, we don’t use mercury at all. We know that amalgam is still accepted as safe to use by the FDI World Dental Association, but more and more practices are offering white composite fillings as an alternative.

Instead of mercury mixed with silver-tin, white composite is made of plastics mixed with glass. Over the years, composite fillings have become much more durable, and putting the question of toxicity to one side, composite fillings have several advantages.


Composite materials can bond with your teeth, so there is no infinitesimal gap between the filling and your teeth for bacteria to sneak into to create decay. Amalgam just sits in the cavity and even though it can be tightly packed in, there is still the chance of decay happening under the filling.


We don’t need to remove as much healthy tooth material for composite fillings, which means your filled tooth is stronger.

Better shape

We can sculpt composite fillings, giving you back the mounds and valleys that make for better chewing.


Let us not forget that composite looks a whole lot nicer.

A genuine smile with a genuine dentist in Soho

We all instinctively know the difference between a genuine smile and a fake one. A fake goes up at the corners, but it somehow misses the rest of the face: the eyes don’t crinkle up, there is no warmth in them. Nothing else moves at all and, with no genuine feeling behind it, this smile evokes no empathetic response in the receiver. Celebrities use them all the time.

Dentist in SohoThat said, it’s much easier to use your smile as a tool of genuine communication if you know that you are beaming something beautiful at those around you. At PS Dental Care, you will find a dentist in Soho interested in bringing out the beauty of your individual smile rather than plastering on something fake that says nothing about you at all.

Ways with smiles

What we want to do with all our patients is help them conserve their natural teeth for as long as possible, but also make them look wonderful with as little invasive treatment as possible.

For example, we may suggest cosmetic bonding instead of veneers for covering some imperfections, as veneers require the removal of a thin layer of enamel but cosmetic bonding does not. Cosmetic bonding also comes in handy for covering over exposed and sensitive areas from receding gums.

Smile makeovers

If you want to get the best out of your smile, you can have it made over instead of having imperfections fixed piecemeal. The dentist in Soho will start the process off with a thorough consultation, talking to you about what you want to achieve and examining your teeth and mouth to work out what needs to be done to bring out the best in your smile. A great smile is harmonious. The teeth are the right size in relation to your face, your lips and your gums, as well as each other. They line up correctly and are the right colour. Achieving this with a smile makeover usually involves more than one treatment, carried out in a particular order, which will be detailed on your written treatment plan, along with costs.

Your smile will be one you can’t help beaming at everyone, when you use PS Dental Care, your dentist in Soho.