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To misquote Jane Austen, ‘it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of nice teeth must have a good dentist.’ When you register with a dentist you need to feel confident that they will care about your teeth as much as you do. At PS Dental Care in Soho, we aim to offer every one of our patients a caring and comprehensive range of services.

dentist-in-sohoIf you are looking for a dentist in Soho that offers a wide range of services from preventive to restorative dentistry, we may be just what you are looking for.  We understand that our patients have different needs and expectations and we do our best to accommodate these.

All you need

Visiting your dentist for a regular check-up is an essential part of your overall health care. Poor oral health can have long-term effects on your heart, and is even linked to issues such as Alzheimer’s disease. When you have a check-up, your dentist will also be looking for signs of serious illnesses such as mouth cancer.

Even if you do take good care of your teeth, their appearance can sometimes be a little disappointing. We take care of the aesthetic aspects of dental care with a range of cosmetic treatments, ranging from teeth whitening to teeth straightening. If the colour, shape or appearance of your teeth needs restoring, we can fit dental veneers or use cosmetic bonding to improve their appearance.

All is not lost

Losing a tooth or teeth can be very distressing. In the past bridges or dentures were the only way to restore the function and appearance of missing teeth. Unfortunately over time dentures become loose and can cause you problems when talking and eating. Now, dental implants are an effective and secure solution to the problem of missing teeth. Dental implants offer a number of long-term benefits for your lifestyle and dental health.

All in all, whatever your oral health issues are, if you need to see a dentist in Soho come and find out what we can do to make you want to share your smile with the world.

A happy, healthy smile

Welcome to PS Dental Care, your dentist in Soho. We pride ourselves on providing quality dental care, from preventive services to restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We also know that if you are in pain due to an emergency, you want help fast. We offer care during weekends and bank holidays so that you can get on with your life as quickly as possible.

dentist-in-sohoWe all know that looking after our teeth is important for oral health but our mouths are about so much more than that. Your smile is your way of showing the world how you feel and a core aspect of expressing your personality. Have you ever held back from smiling or laughing due to misaligned, broken, discoloured or missing teeth? Or avoided photographs because you feel self-conscious about your smile? Patients value us as their Soho dentist because of our commitment to giving them the smile they dream of. We use up-to-date techniques that are minimally invasive, safe and effective.

Treatment for everyone

When you choose us as your dentist in Soho, we are confident that you will find the services you need, whatever your age. As new technologies emerge, patients’ needs change and we continually update our services to reflect that. We also believe that quality dental care should be affordable. Financial plans are available to help spread the cost of treatment and we provide a range of options to suit individual budgets and needs.

Be in safe hands

Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority. Our dynamic team is friendly, professional and dedicated to providing you with the best possible outcome. We listen to your needs and aim to ensure that every visit is as enjoyable as possible. We treat everyone who uses us as their Soho dentist as an individual. So, for excellent oral health and a beaming smile, we are here to help.

We look forward to talking to you about how we can work with you to keep your mouth healthy and your smile radiant. Do get in touch with PS Dental Care today and join our patients who trust us as their dentist in Soho.


Mercury free dentistry

At PS Dental Care, our dentist in Soho is happy is offer all our patients mercury free dentistry. Mercury is known to leak through traditional fillings (known as amalgam fillings). Although this is yet to be clinically proven to show a significant risk to health, there is a growing opinion that the use of amalgam should be phased out of dentistry.

dentist-in-sohoMany patients report feeling significantly better from a whole host of conditions, after removal of their traditional amalgam fillings. Your dentist in Soho will aim to avoid the use of mercury fillings and replace them instead for other restorative tooth-coloured materials that are mercury free.

Dental hygiene

Your dentist in Soho will always recommend keeping oral hygiene high, to lower the risk of needing any serious dental treatments. It is extremely important to realise just how fundamental your dental health is.

If you are not looking after your teeth, then this may lead to tooth decay. Poor dental health can also cause a host of other problems. It can lead to bad breath, gum disease and gingivitis, as well as many other problems.

There is also some evidence to suggest that people with poor dental hygiene are more likely to suffer from heart problems. Cleaning and flossing your teeth is an easy habit to get into and one that could significantly help your overall health and wellbeing.

What else to consider

If you are serious about looking after your teeth, your dentist in Soho is here to help. What you eat and drink can have serious effects on your oral health, both for good and bad reasons.

Eating fruit after a meal, such as an apple, can help to clean your teeth and will stimulate natural defenses in your mouth. Also, you could try sugar-free chewing gum, which can have the same effect. It will also help to keep your breath fresh during the day.

It is also useful to remind yourself that your dentist in Soho is here to help. You need to make sure that you see them at least twice every year. If required, your dentist in Soho, can also refer you to a dental hygienist, who specialises in oral hygiene.

PS Dental Care

Are you looking for a dentist in Soho? Well, look no further, as PS Dental Care could be the dentist for you. Our philosophy is to deliver a warm and family friendly service that focuses on the needs of patients. We ensure that our patients feel secure and comfortable at all times.

We endeavor to provide quality dental treatments that our patients can trust. We use the latest dental techniques and technologies. We are constantly improving our service and facilities, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your dental treatments.

dentist-in-sohoOur dedicated and professional team of dental professionals will create a relaxed environment where your dental needs are taken care of.

We believe that quality dental care should be affordable for all. We make sure that our treatments are suitable for our patients’ budget and needs. We also have a wide range of financial plans, which may help with the costs.


Your dentist in Soho, at PS Dental Care, is happy to offer you a free consultation for your first visit with us. At this appointment, you will be able to have an in-depth talk with one of our dentists to discuss what you require from your treatment from us.

From this, we will build a treatment plan, made just for you. We will then get you on the road to your new happier and healthier smile, using some of the very latest techniques and advances.


Do you get nervous about coming to the dentist? Do you not have the time or means to travel to see us? Do you want to consider your options before making the trip? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then an E-consultation at PS Dental Care could be just what you need.

All you have to do is fill in a simple form on our website. With this form, you can easily upload a photo of your smile, along with a description of what aspects of it you are not happy with.

Our dentist in Soho will review your online enquiry and get back to you as soon as possible with suggestions and recommendations of available treatments for you.

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge is used to restore a gap caused by one or more missing teeth. They literally bridge the gap. A bridge is a tailor-made precision denture that is cemented over your tooth or implant to completely cover it and restore an adjacent gap.

All ceramic bridges at PS Dental Care dentist in Soho are individually crafted to provide a beautiful aesthetic result.

dental-bridges-in-sohoDo I need a bridge?

A PS Dental Care bridge addresses both aesthetic and functional needs. Gaps at the front of your mouth have a poor cosmetic appearance and may affect your speech and even ability to eat properly.

Missing teeth further back in your mouth may provide significant limits to your diet. This can therefore reduce pleasure and enjoyment associated with food and potentially with social occasions.

Our dentist in Soho may also be able to offer you bridge work, as an alternative to your unstable and unsightly loose dentures, providing you with the confidence to smile, eat, laugh and speak as normal again.


A bridge is fixed in your mouth. This means you don’t have the worry of taking it out to clean. It is very important that you look after it and follow the special cleaning advice for bridges. Your dentist in Soho at PS Dental Care will help you with your aftercare routine to ensure a healthy bridge for many years to come. Studies have shown that fixed bridgework is predictable, durable and can last a considerable length of time. Bridges can last you up to 15 years with proper oral health care.

A dental bridge can also benefit from being less invasive to alternative options, such as dental implants. They require one or more surgical procedures to place the implants. You may also require bone grafting if you have insufficient natural bone available. For anyone who is unable to undergo implant surgery for medical reasons, it can be a great fixed alternative.

Find out more today

If you believe at bridge could be the dental treatment you need, give PS Dental Care a call to arrange your first appointment and ask our dentist in Soho what the right tooth replacement is for you.

Dental bridges: everything you need to know

At some point in our lives, most of us will experience some type of tooth damage – cracked teeth, cavities or even broken teeth are the most frequent. Tooth loss can be a stressful experience, but it is good to know that nowadays, there are plenty or natural-looking, long-lasting restorations to help your teeth look as good as new.

dental-bridges-in-sohoIf you have lost one or more teeth, you may consider getting dental bridges to fix your smile and boost your self-confidence. At PS Dental Care,we understand how important your smile isfor you and the big difference that this can make to the way you look and feel. We therefore offer dental bridges to restore the appearance and functionality of your teeth.

As their name suggests, bridges are dental devices used to ‘bridge’ the gap between missing teeth with a strong metal framework mounted by artificial teeth. Replacement teeth can be shaped and coloured to match your existing tooth colour. Bridges attach to your teeth on either side of the gap.

Your dentist in Soho will remove some of tooth enamel for a better fit in your mouth. You will then have impressions of your teeth taken that will serve as a mould for the bridge restoration. Optionally, a temporary bridge will be placed in your mouth for the protection of your teeth and gums.

When your bridge is ready to be fitted, your dentist will fix it properly into your mouth. The procedure can be completed in one appointment with your dentist in Soho, but sometimes several meetings are required to adjust proper bite and fit.

Getting used to bridges will take some time, but after adjusting to them, daily activities such as eating and cleaning your teeth are going to be much easier. Your dentist in Soho will advise you to stay away from hard foods immediately after receiving the treatment, but you will be able to enjoy your favourite foods in no time. At the same time, it is really important to take good care of your bridges by brushing at least twice a day.

For more information on bridges in Soho or for a consultation, contact PS Dental Care today.

Dental prevention and health habits

People nowadays recognise the importance of plenty of water, rest and regular exercise and eating a balanced diet towards a healthier lifestyle. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is also an important step to a healthier life. Preventive dentistry emphasises the importance of daily hygiene practices to prevent tooth decay and other dental conditions such as cavities and gum disease.

dentist-in-sohoAt PS Dental Care, our experienced dentist in Soho can help you maintain optimal oral health. We have a strong commitment to prevention –teeth are built to last a lifetime and we help our patients achieve this through a comprehensive, custom-made oral health prevention programme. Here are a few oral care strategies for children and adults.

At-home dental care

Daily home care is especially important for the maintenance of good oral health. Your dentist in Soho will help you develop a way of cleaning your teeth that is compatible with your lifestyle and individual needs and preferences. There are a number of effective brushing techniques, and you will need to find the one which works for you, since tooth and gum conditions vary per individual.

It is really important to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss them after dinner. If you can’t brush your teeth, rinse with water for 30 seconds after eating. Getting rid of food remains from your teeth straight away helps to remove sugar, starch and acids from your enamel.

Finally, flossing is essential for the removal of plaque from between the teeth. At PS Dental Care, we can show you several different flossing techniques and review which method is best for you.

Diet and eating habits

You know already that some foods are especially bad for your teeth. Hard and chewy snacks and sweet treats often get stuck in hard to reach spaces in your teeth and may lead to tooth decay. What you may not know, however, is that fresh fruit and vegetables, water and sugar-free snacks and drinks increase the flow of saliva in your mouth and help your teeth rinse naturally.

However, it is important to remember that, even if you follow all these tips, you will still need to visit a dentist in Soho for a check-up and thorough tooth cleaning at least twice a year.

All you need to know about dental implants in Soho

If you have lost one more of your teeth and are considering dental implants in Soho, you probably have many questions. At PS Dental Care, we are here to answer your queries and help you make an informed decision.

dental-implants-sohoWhat are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically fixed to the jawbone to secure a bridge, a crown or a denture. They replace your missing tooth roots to provide you with the look and functionality of natural teeth. Once they are placed, tooth implants fuse with the jawbone and encourage further bone growth.

Who is eligible for dental implants?

Generally, anyone missing a single tooth or all of their teeth can get implants. However, it is important to be in good health since some medical conditions can determine whether dental implants are right for you or not. For instance, smoking, excessive drinking and significant bone loss may hinder the success of your dental implants in Soho. At PS Dental Care, our dentists will examine your teeth and gums and determine if you are suitable to get implants. If you suffer from moderate or advanced bone loss, we may suggest bone grafting to stimulate new bone growth.

How long can I expect dental implants to last?

With proper care, dental implants can last for many years – even for a lifetime. This is because they are not susceptible to tooth decay. However, for your dental implants to stay strong and healthy, you should brush and floss them properly along with the rest of your teeth and have regular check-ups at our Soho practice.

Can I have dental implants if I already have full or partial dentures or bridges?

Dental implants are frequently used to support and stabilise both full and partial dentures and bridges. For dentures, they can be used whether the denture is removable or fixed. Implant-supported bridges also reduce the pressure of individual implants in the jawbone and spread it across the entire bridge.

What is the success rate of tooth implants?

Dental implants have a 95% success rate in healthy patients with good oral hygiene habits.

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To learn more about dental implants in Soho, call PS Dental Care today to schedule an appointment.

Why choose PS Dental Care?

Do you need a dentist in Soho? PS Dental Care could be the choice for you.We aim to treat all our patients as we would wish to be treated, in a caring and relaxed environment, offering the best quality and care in an efficient and welcoming manner.

We only use the most modern techniques, with the aim of making every visit as relaxing, comfortable and gentle as possible.By using the latest technologies from all the disciplines of dentistry, we aim to achieve optimum results with minimum invasive dentistry. Our team is here to provide you with the smile you desire. With a warm, welcoming cup of tea or coffee, your journey has just begun with PS Dental Care.

dental-treatments-in-sohoAll members of the team are trained to the highest level, attending many hours of continuing education every year. This ensures they are all kept up to date with the most modern cosmetic dental techniques. We only use state-of-the-art techniques, technology and materials to ensure a long lasting, great looking smile, all achieved by your professional dentist in Soho.


PS Dental Care can provide clients with a plethora of dental treatments in Soho. Dentist treatments can be diverse and can include preventative treatments, as well as cosmetic procedures.

Preventative treatment

Regular trips to your hygienist and dentist in Soho are essential to maintaining your oral health.This can, in turn, give you confidence in your everyday life. A smile can benefit our relationships and even our professional lives. A smile is seen as friendly and trustworthy. A smile is the first thing people notice when meeting someone new, as well as one of the most attractive features someone can have.

In today’s modern society the aesthetic appearance of a smile can be very important. It can even determine an individual’s integration into society. Teeth can also play an vital role in speech and communication.

Keeping your oral health in tip-top shape is the best way to avoid bad breath or halitosis. Regular dental hygienist appointments will reduce the amount of plaque and bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria can increase the risk of developing gum problems and consequently a higher risk of tooth loss.

Brighter smiles and better health with dental implants in Soho

The burden of missing teeth can be heavy; not only can you face a loss of confidence from the aesthetic change but a range of other dental problems can arise too. While dentures are a traditional solution, modern dentistry means that this is no longer all that is on offer. At PS Dental Care in Soho, dental implants provide a long lasting, reliable alternative that avoids some of the pitfalls of long-term denture use.

dental-implants-in-sohoDentures versus dental implants

Dentures can plug the gaps created by missing teeth but tooth loss can bring about a host of other problems that dentures do not address. Bone degeneration and receding gums are two common consequences of teeth loss that denture wearers may experience.

Dental implants are made of lightweight titanium formed into screws that are placed directly into the jawbone. This encourages bone growth and as a result, in the long-term, helps combat bone degeneration that leads to receding gums. This also means the dental implants will fully integrate into the jawbone, giving you a secure base for fitting replacement teeth. You can therefore also enjoy the immediate benefits of once again being able to eat whatever you fancy, without the worry of your replacement teeth shifting out of place.

What does the procedure involve?

At our practice in Soho, dental implants are fitted under local anaesthetic or sedation to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. After a period of healing, when your dental implants will integrate into your jawbone, you will be fitted with replacement teeth that are custom made to blend into the background of your existing teeth. The end result is a natural look and feel.

PS Dental Care: the practice for you

We use the latest dental technology to ensure you receive the best possible dental outcome from your treatment. All treatments are carried out in a safe and sterile environment by our highly skilled dentists. Many patients have already benefited from our cutting edge approach.

Our aim is to leave you with a smile that you can wear with confidence. Get in touch today and together we will begin your journey to better dental health.