What your PS Dental Care dentist can do for you

At PS Dental Care, your dentist in Soho is dedicated to providing quality dental care to all patients. From the moment you walk into our practice, you will be greeted with a warm welcome from our experienced dental team. All our staff aim to make every visit to PS Dental Care an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

dentist-in-sohoWe are also conveniently located in Soho, making your dental visits easy to get to in the bustling hub that is central London.

We provide a range of dental treatments, from preventive and restorative, all the way to our vast array of cosmetic dentistry options. And all this under one roof. From simple teeth whitening, to complex dental implant procedures, your dentist in Soho is here to help.

Teeth whitening

One of our most popular and affordable forms of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is available as an in-practice procedure or a home treatment.

There are several reasons why our patients choose to get their teeth whitened. Every person is different and just as our hair and skin colour vary, so do our teeth. Very few people have brilliant-white teeth, but many crave this look. Our teeth can also become more discoloured as we get older. Your teeth can be stained on the surface by food and drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine or cola. Smoking is also a big cause of stained teeth. Your dentist in Soho can help eradicate these stains.

Tartar can also affect the colour of your teeth negatively. Some people may have staining under the surface, which can be caused by certain antibiotics or by tiny cracks in the teeth. These reasons and many more are why people are increasingly turning to teeth whitening.

Your dentist in Soho can brighten your teeth by several shades, giving you the glowing whiter smile you desire. Whether you prefer to whiten overnight, or the convenience of short daytime treatments, we can help you to achieve a brighter and healthier smile in just 1 to 2 weeks.

With your brighter smile taken care of, we can continue to look after your dental health with our routine dental check-ups. So give us a call and look forward to years filled with healthy smiles.

Are you looking for a dental clinic for life?

Researching the ins and outs of a dentist in Soho to find one whose skills you can trust and with whom you feel comfortable and at home, is as important as finding your next new car, or even new home. You only have one mouth, and it is important to be vigilant in keeping it in optimum condition over decades of hard wear and tear. These are not choices we make every week, so the search can feel daunting. What most of us would like is a dentist for life. That’s where PS Dental Care comes in.

As we go through life, our dental needs change, and what most people want is a great dentist who can take care of their teeth, no matter how their needs change, for many years.

Dentist in SohoOur teeth and mouths continue to evolve throughout our lives, as accidents, lifestyle, diet and wear and tear take their toll on our hard-working mouths. We have the right dentists to correct any problems, be they health-related, such as infections, or aesthetic problems, such as chipped, worn or broken teeth.

In older age, our dental needs are more likely to include the need for replacement artificial teeth and problems with receding gums. Our Soho dentist is trained to be able to look after people with the issues that come with old age.

On the aesthetic side of things

Our dentist in Soho can offer services to enhance your smile, such as teeth straightening and whitening, as well as veneers and cosmetic bonding to cover imperfections. We offer ways to avoid the ugly glint of metal amalgam fillings, as well as ways to deal with missing teeth, from bridges to dental implants.

We also offer ways to rejuvenate your face so that your smile sits in a beautiful, youthful frame.

At PS Dental Care, Doug Jarvis, our original owner since 2004, has been working as a qualified dentist for 35 years. Needless to say, he has vast experience in all fields of dentistry. Antonis Pisiaris and Nuno Santos are now the principals at the practice, hence the name PS Dental Care. Both have been qualified and have been practising for over a decade, continually updating their skills and knowledge with postgraduate training.

What to expect during your dental check-up in Soho

Even if you are religious about brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, you will still need to have regular dental check-ups if you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy. This is because only your Soho dentist can check your mouth for early signs of decay, gum disease, oral cancer or other dental problems, which give no signs of pain until they are well advanced.

At PS Dental Care, all our patients are offered a comprehensive oral health assessment. We encourage you to discuss your health history and any concerns before proceeding to treatment. Here is what to expect from our Soho dentist during your oral health assessment.

Dentist in SohoExamining your teeth

When you come for a check-up, your Soho dentist will use a metal probe and a small mirror with an angled handle to carefully examine your teeth for signs of decay. Your dentist will also check how your upper and lower teeth are biting together and whether you have tooth grinding problems. You can also expect to have your neck and the soft tissues of your mouth examined for signs of oral cancer, especially if you are over 35 years old. If you are not entirely certain when you had your last screening, ask your Soho dentist to repeat the screening during your dental check-up. Patients at high risk are advised to have regular screenings every month.

During your check-up, you may find that we need to take x-rays or tooth impressions. Also, we will be checking the health of your gums for signs of disease. During your oral health assessment, you will also find us keeping a detailed record of the state of all your existing fillings and looking for signs of fractures or ledges on your teeth. We will be doing the same for all existing crowns, veneers, bridges or implants to check for fit, appearance and function.

At PS Dental Care, we offer professional cleaning to help your teeth get rid of plaque and tartar build-up, which tends to accumulate in hard-to-reach areas. Taking good care of your oral health is the best way to prevent problems in the future.

How often do I need to see a dentist?

All patients should have an appointment with your dentist in Soho for a checkup and professional clean at least twice a year. A check-up is designed to help keep your teeth and gums strong and free from disease. It includes an examination of your gums, fluoride treatment if needed and oral cancer screening. This will allow us to keep abreast of any problems which may occur in the future.

At PS Dental Care, we place a strong emphasis on preventive dental care – the more you look after your own teeth and maintain a healthy mouth, the less dental treatment you will need in the future. We encourage our patients to work with our dentist in Soho, to avoid having to attend the dentist for repeated fillings and extractions. Through education and regular check-ups, our patients receive the knowledge and tools to keep their smiles healthy for the rest of their lives.

Dentist in SohoWhy PS Dental Care?

Here, at PS Dental Care we believe that quality dental care should be affordable and accessible. We make sure that our treatments suit our patients’ budgets and needs with various financial plans aimed to help our patients spread any dental costs.

We offer a full range of dental services to meet the individual needs of each patient. From routine cleanings, to complete smile makeovers, we keep up to date with dental advances to give our patients the most up-to date care.

When you visit us, you will be welcomed by our friendly team, who will listen and assist you with all your dental concerns. Our dentist in Soho will aim to make every visit as enjoyable and successful as possible.


There are many reasons people may not want to travel to PS Dental Care. Maybe you are nervous about coming in to see us, or you don’t want to travel just yet. Or perhaps you are considering your options or are short on time. With our new e-consultation service, all you need to do is send us your photo today with a description of what you would like to achieve and our dentist in Soho will be in touch about your dental options.

Forget the chow mein, is there a dentist in Soho?

If you’ve had your fill of chow mein and are instead looking for a dentist in Soho, PS Dental Care might be just what you need.  We believe that a beautiful smile is a unique asset,which can communicate instantly with others.We therefore provide a wide range of ways to keep your smile in tip-top condition.

Many of us are becoming more conscious of our appearance these days. We take care of our hair, skin and nails and now we are turning our attention to our teeth. While preventive dentistry can take care of the overall health of your teeth, cosmetic treatments allow you to enjoy the benefits of healthy and beautiful looking teeth.

dentist-in-sohoWe’re here for the emergencies too

Even when you take good care of your teeth, there are times when things go wrong. From knocked out teeth to broken fillings or dental abscesses, there are times when you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. It often seems that dental emergencies happen at the most inconvenient times, but we have this covered. If you need to see an emergency dentist in Soho we can provide treatments for you during the weekend and over Bank Holidays.

Our aim is to offer a family friendly service for all our patients, helping you and your family achieve good dental health at every stage of your life. Caring for your teeth properly means caring for your overall health as well. Poor oral health is linked to other serious health conditions, such as heart and lung disease.

Come and meet the team

Caring for your teeth is a team effort here at PS Dental Care. All our staff are highly trained and committed to delivering a high standard of service. As dentists, we rely on the work of other members of the team, such as the hygienists, to deliver a complete package of dental care to our patients. We offer all new patients a free consultation.So why not come and have a talk with us to find out what we can do to keep you smiling for longer.

Are you searching for a dentist in Soho?

To misquote Jane Austen, ‘it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of nice teeth must have a good dentist.’ When you register with a dentist you need to feel confident that they will care about your teeth as much as you do. At PS Dental Care in Soho, we aim to offer every one of our patients a caring and comprehensive range of services.

dentist-in-sohoIf you are looking for a dentist in Soho that offers a wide range of services from preventive to restorative dentistry, we may be just what you are looking for.  We understand that our patients have different needs and expectations and we do our best to accommodate these.

All you need

Visiting your dentist for a regular check-up is an essential part of your overall health care. Poor oral health can have long-term effects on your heart, and is even linked to issues such as Alzheimer’s disease. When you have a check-up, your dentist will also be looking for signs of serious illnesses such as mouth cancer.

Even if you do take good care of your teeth, their appearance can sometimes be a little disappointing. We take care of the aesthetic aspects of dental care with a range of cosmetic treatments, ranging from teeth whitening to teeth straightening. If the colour, shape or appearance of your teeth needs restoring, we can fit dental veneers or use cosmetic bonding to improve their appearance.

All is not lost

Losing a tooth or teeth can be very distressing. In the past bridges or dentures were the only way to restore the function and appearance of missing teeth. Unfortunately over time dentures become loose and can cause you problems when talking and eating. Now, dental implants are an effective and secure solution to the problem of missing teeth. Dental implants offer a number of long-term benefits for your lifestyle and dental health.

All in all, whatever your oral health issues are, if you need to see a dentist in Soho come and find out what we can do to make you want to share your smile with the world.

A happy, healthy smile

Welcome to PS Dental Care, your dentist in Soho. We pride ourselves on providing quality dental care, from preventive services to restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We also know that if you are in pain due to an emergency, you want help fast. We offer care during weekends and bank holidays so that you can get on with your life as quickly as possible.

dentist-in-sohoWe all know that looking after our teeth is important for oral health but our mouths are about so much more than that. Your smile is your way of showing the world how you feel and a core aspect of expressing your personality. Have you ever held back from smiling or laughing due to misaligned, broken, discoloured or missing teeth? Or avoided photographs because you feel self-conscious about your smile? Patients value us as their Soho dentist because of our commitment to giving them the smile they dream of. We use up-to-date techniques that are minimally invasive, safe and effective.

Treatment for everyone

When you choose us as your dentist in Soho, we are confident that you will find the services you need, whatever your age. As new technologies emerge, patients’ needs change and we continually update our services to reflect that. We also believe that quality dental care should be affordable. Financial plans are available to help spread the cost of treatment and we provide a range of options to suit individual budgets and needs.

Be in safe hands

Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority. Our dynamic team is friendly, professional and dedicated to providing you with the best possible outcome. We listen to your needs and aim to ensure that every visit is as enjoyable as possible. We treat everyone who uses us as their Soho dentist as an individual. So, for excellent oral health and a beaming smile, we are here to help.

We look forward to talking to you about how we can work with you to keep your mouth healthy and your smile radiant. Do get in touch with PS Dental Care today and join our patients who trust us as their dentist in Soho.


Mercury free dentistry

At PS Dental Care, our dentist in Soho is happy is offer all our patients mercury free dentistry. Mercury is known to leak through traditional fillings (known as amalgam fillings). Although this is yet to be clinically proven to show a significant risk to health, there is a growing opinion that the use of amalgam should be phased out of dentistry.

dentist-in-sohoMany patients report feeling significantly better from a whole host of conditions, after removal of their traditional amalgam fillings. Your dentist in Soho will aim to avoid the use of mercury fillings and replace them instead for other restorative tooth-coloured materials that are mercury free.

Dental hygiene

Your dentist in Soho will always recommend keeping oral hygiene high, to lower the risk of needing any serious dental treatments. It is extremely important to realise just how fundamental your dental health is.

If you are not looking after your teeth, then this may lead to tooth decay. Poor dental health can also cause a host of other problems. It can lead to bad breath, gum disease and gingivitis, as well as many other problems.

There is also some evidence to suggest that people with poor dental hygiene are more likely to suffer from heart problems. Cleaning and flossing your teeth is an easy habit to get into and one that could significantly help your overall health and wellbeing.

What else to consider

If you are serious about looking after your teeth, your dentist in Soho is here to help. What you eat and drink can have serious effects on your oral health, both for good and bad reasons.

Eating fruit after a meal, such as an apple, can help to clean your teeth and will stimulate natural defenses in your mouth. Also, you could try sugar-free chewing gum, which can have the same effect. It will also help to keep your breath fresh during the day.

It is also useful to remind yourself that your dentist in Soho is here to help. You need to make sure that you see them at least twice every year. If required, your dentist in Soho, can also refer you to a dental hygienist, who specialises in oral hygiene.

PS Dental Care

Are you looking for a dentist in Soho? Well, look no further, as PS Dental Care could be the dentist for you. Our philosophy is to deliver a warm and family friendly service that focuses on the needs of patients. We ensure that our patients feel secure and comfortable at all times.

We endeavor to provide quality dental treatments that our patients can trust. We use the latest dental techniques and technologies. We are constantly improving our service and facilities, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your dental treatments.

dentist-in-sohoOur dedicated and professional team of dental professionals will create a relaxed environment where your dental needs are taken care of.

We believe that quality dental care should be affordable for all. We make sure that our treatments are suitable for our patients’ budget and needs. We also have a wide range of financial plans, which may help with the costs.


Your dentist in Soho, at PS Dental Care, is happy to offer you a free consultation for your first visit with us. At this appointment, you will be able to have an in-depth talk with one of our dentists to discuss what you require from your treatment from us.

From this, we will build a treatment plan, made just for you. We will then get you on the road to your new happier and healthier smile, using some of the very latest techniques and advances.


Do you get nervous about coming to the dentist? Do you not have the time or means to travel to see us? Do you want to consider your options before making the trip? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then an E-consultation at PS Dental Care could be just what you need.

All you have to do is fill in a simple form on our website. With this form, you can easily upload a photo of your smile, along with a description of what aspects of it you are not happy with.

Our dentist in Soho will review your online enquiry and get back to you as soon as possible with suggestions and recommendations of available treatments for you.

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge is used to restore a gap caused by one or more missing teeth. They literally bridge the gap. A bridge is a tailor-made precision denture that is cemented over your tooth or implant to completely cover it and restore an adjacent gap.

All ceramic bridges at PS Dental Care dentist in Soho are individually crafted to provide a beautiful aesthetic result.

dental-bridges-in-sohoDo I need a bridge?

A PS Dental Care bridge addresses both aesthetic and functional needs. Gaps at the front of your mouth have a poor cosmetic appearance and may affect your speech and even ability to eat properly.

Missing teeth further back in your mouth may provide significant limits to your diet. This can therefore reduce pleasure and enjoyment associated with food and potentially with social occasions.

Our dentist in Soho may also be able to offer you bridge work, as an alternative to your unstable and unsightly loose dentures, providing you with the confidence to smile, eat, laugh and speak as normal again.


A bridge is fixed in your mouth. This means you don’t have the worry of taking it out to clean. It is very important that you look after it and follow the special cleaning advice for bridges. Your dentist in Soho at PS Dental Care will help you with your aftercare routine to ensure a healthy bridge for many years to come. Studies have shown that fixed bridgework is predictable, durable and can last a considerable length of time. Bridges can last you up to 15 years with proper oral health care.

A dental bridge can also benefit from being less invasive to alternative options, such as dental implants. They require one or more surgical procedures to place the implants. You may also require bone grafting if you have insufficient natural bone available. For anyone who is unable to undergo implant surgery for medical reasons, it can be a great fixed alternative.

Find out more today

If you believe at bridge could be the dental treatment you need, give PS Dental Care a call to arrange your first appointment and ask our dentist in Soho what the right tooth replacement is for you.