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5 steps to a great smile from our dentist in Soho

Our dentist in Soho knows that a great smile can be one of a person’s best and most attractive assets. It can help them to feel good about how they look and to look younger for longer, as well as helping to protect their health in general. Here at PS Dental Care, we appreciate the importance of this and provide a wide range of assistance to help our patients to achieve a smile that makes them feel proud. Here, we offer 5 ways that our patients can improve their teeth and gums, including coming in for check-ups with the dentist in Soho, cleaning well at home and some treatments and lifestyle changes that can be very beneficial.

Get check-ups

It is important to make an appointment with our dentist in Soho at regular intervals. We examine the teeth and gums to check that they are in good condition and perform checks for conditions such as gum disease and even oral cancer. If there is any issue that needs to be resolved, then identifying it early due to regular check-ups usually means that there is minimal treatment needed and we can deal with it easily. This also often means that the patient gets treatment before they experience difficulty, discomfort or even severe pain.

Clean at home

Brushing twice every day with a good fluoride toothpaste helps to keep the mouth clean and fresh. Flossing once daily completes the process and helps to get rid of any debris that has not been reached with the toothbrush. Using mouthwash is fine, but this should be done between brushings rather than directly after. It is important to allow the toothpaste to ‘sit’ on the teeth after brushing to allow it to do its job.

Consider teeth straightening

If the teeth are crooked or overcrowded, then the patient usually finds it much harder to keep them thoroughly clean. There is a higher risk of bits of food and plaque being stuck between the teeth as the patient cannot access some areas, even with brushing and flossing. Getting braces or the new invisible aligners can be very helpful in improving the appearance of the smile and oral health.

Do not smoke

Smoking can be very detrimental to gum health, as well as causing the teeth to become stained and yellowed. People who smoke are at much greater risk of tooth loss, which is often very hard to deal with and comes with a distinct drop in confidence. There is lots of help for smokers who want to stop, such as nicotine replacement therapy and behaviour modification programmes that come from both counsellors and books.

Consider teeth whitening

Getting teeth whitened can significantly improve the appearance of a smile and help a person to feel much more confident about how they look. It is relatively easy to do with the help of some specialist tools and products from us and can deliver results within just a week or two.

All these steps can make a huge difference to the function and aesthetics of your smile and we are only a phone call away!

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