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A brief look at the services offered by our dentist in Soho

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy constitutes a major contribution to overall wellbeing that you must pay daily attention to, as maintaining high standards in oral health and hygiene can be a constant struggle. You must make sure that you follow a regular cleaning regime, twice a day as recommended by dental professionals, that includes the use of brushing and flossing.

If you find that your oral health or hygiene has suddenly worsened and the need is created to receive treatment, then it is always good to know that you can call the dental practice you are registered with and start to receive any treatment you may need within a short time after your initial contact. With our dentist Soho you can be confident of this.

But are you completely aware of all the different treatment options that are offered by our modern dentist, Soho? In recent years there have been many practices that have sought to diversify into new treatment areas, as a way for them to offer their patients a wider selection of treatments and services to engage with.

Still have the usual suspects

While at PS Dental Care we have sought to forge a way forward that has taken us into new treatment areas, you can still find all the usual procedures that you would expect to find being offered by any dental practice. Meaning you can still receive all your dental check-ups and treatments in an environment you know, having them carried out by professional dental staff that you have formed a working relationship with and that you trust.

It is important to point out that while our dental practice has started to branch into new treatment areas, our first job is to offer you the care and advice you need to look after your teeth, gums, and overall oral hygiene. So, you will still be able to receive all your oral health care, including fillings and extractions.

Easy access to orthodontic treatment

One of the areas we have worked hard to improve is the access to orthodontic treatments so that those who need these treatments can receive them with ease. We have also made a concerted effort to provide treatments that are aimed at adults who are living with misaligned teeth. We want these people to be fully aware of their options, allowing them to receive the treatment they may be looking for in a way that makes them feel completely comfortable.

There are also a few surprises

With our dentist Soho we have also decided to expand our services within the areas of cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics, as we feel that these are treatment areas that are of growing interest to our patients, and we want to be able to offer a safe and clean environment for our patients to receive these types of procedures.

Whether you are looking for tooth whitening, veneers, or dermal fillers, we are sure you will find our staff can offer you these cosmetic treatments in a way that is safe and professional, as well as being supplied to you in a manner to match your needs.

Come along and join us in a totally new relaxed way of doing dentistry!

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