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A dental team who cares

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

When you walk through our doors, it’s not just the dentist in Soho who is there to look after your teeth, you’ll have the whole team looking after your wellbeing. Our Soho dentist can make your time in the dentist chair as comfortable and relaxed as possible and our reception team will make you feel welcomed from the moment you walk in.

Dentist in soho

At PS Dental we want to ensure anyone has the opportunity for dentistry, whether it be general check-ups or cosmetic dentistry and so we are happy to discuss a range of financial plans that could help with any dental costs.

Choose PS Dental for a caring dentist in Soho

If you want to find a dentist in Soho who not only cares about your teeth but how you genuinely feel about any treatment that is required, or even if it is to discuss brushing or flossing techniques, then come and have a chat with us. Our dentists are here to listen to any concerns or worries you may have and can reassure you just by having a steady ear, as well as a steady hand.

Choose PS Dental Care for a modern dental clinic

We pride ourselves on staying in sync with the latest dental technologies and techniques, and we are always updating and improving our facilities to ensure our patients are in the safest hands and surroundings at all times.

Choose PS Dental for a range of treatments to suit your dental needs

Come and chat with our dentist in Soho and discover for yourself the range of treatments we can offer. Whether you desire a complete smile makeover or are having something more simple, we can discuss it with you further during an initial consultation. We can perform mercury-free dentistry and also discuss with you any steps you can take to prevent future problems with your teeth and gums. Our treatments do not even need to stop at dental. If every time you look in the mirror, you curse those unwanted lines, then why not ask about the simple procedure to make them vanish? They may have taken a life time to appear but will need only 15 minutes to disappear.

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Providing Signature Smile Makeovers

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