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A genuine smile with a genuine dentist in Soho

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

We all instinctively know the difference between a genuine smile and a fake one. A fake goes up at the corners, but it somehow misses the rest of the face: the eyes don’t crinkle up, there is no warmth in them. Nothing else moves at all and, with no genuine feeling behind it, this smile evokes no empathetic response in the receiver. Celebrities use them all the time.

Dentist in soho

That said, it’s much easier to use your smile as a tool of genuine communication if you know that you are beaming something beautiful at those around you. At PS Dental Care, you will find a dentist in Soho interested in bringing out the beauty of your individual smile rather than plastering on something fake that says nothing about you at all.

Ways with smiles

What we want to do with all our patients is help them conserve their natural teeth for as long as possible, but also make them look wonderful with as little invasive treatment as possible.

For example, we may suggest cosmetic bonding instead of veneers for covering some imperfections, as veneers require the removal of a thin layer of enamel but cosmetic bonding does not. Cosmetic bonding also comes in handy for covering over exposed and sensitive areas from receding gums.

Smile makeovers

If you want to get the best out of your smile, you can have it made over instead of having imperfections fixed piecemeal. The dentist in Soho will start the process off with a thorough consultation, talking to you about what you want to achieve and examining your teeth and mouth to work out what needs to be done to bring out the best in your smile. A great smile is harmonious. The teeth are the right size in relation to your face, your lips and your gums, as well as each other. They line up correctly and are the right colour. Achieving this with a smile makeover usually involves more than one treatment, carried out in a particular order, which will be detailed on your written treatment plan, along with costs.

Your smile will be one you can’t help beaming at everyone, when you use PS Dental Care, your dentist in Soho.

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