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A modern Soho dentist

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Oral healthcare is an important part of your life. A dentist provides a level of care for your teeth and gums that reduces the risk of harmful problems. At PS Dental Care, we provide a friendly and professional service in a contemporary dental practice. Our treatments range across the key areas of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. We help you to keep your teeth looking great and functioning efficiently.

modern Soho dentist

Patient experience

As your Soho dentist, we recommend regular check-ups at our dental practice. At these twice-yearly appointments, we can examine your mouth for any signs of dental problems, and take action to treat them before they do you any harm. Our years of training and experience, modern technology, and up-to-date research mean we can deal with problems efficiently, at an early stage. As well as this, we can tell you how to optimise your home oral hygiene routine to make it more effective.

If you already have a condition like tooth decay, discolouration, or damaged teeth, we can improve them with treatments that enhance their visual appeal.

Discolouration is a common cosmetic problem. Our teeth whitening treatments will brighten your smile and freshen your mouth. Teeth with damaged edges or gaps between them can be improved by dental veneers. These thin and strong segments of porcelain, attached the teeth with a powerful adhesive, will make your teeth look much more appealing.

Long-term fixes

Some people visit the dentist in Soho to have missing teeth replaced. With implant dentistry, we can give you new teeth that function like natural ones. You can enjoy your food like you used to, without worrying about dentures falling out at the dinner table.

The alignment of the teeth can also be a problem. Crowded teeth are difficult to clean properly, and misaligned bites put strain on the jaw. Our contemporary tooth realignment treatments will move your teeth into better positions, using discreet and comfortable appliances.

We want to make visiting the dentist in Soho an affordable experience. Our payment plans spread the cost of vital treatment, so you don’t need to delay your dental enhancements because of worries about the financial impact.

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