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A-Z of services at PS Dental Care

There are lots of different services that you can take advantage of when you visit the dentist in Soho at PS Dental Care. We offer these alongside our excellent communication, patient-centred care and supportive environment.

Dentist in soho

When you combine all of these with a high standard of hygiene and skilled practitioners, you get the experience that we are proud to offer at PS Dental Care.

Some of our treatments

Botox – this is the treatment that people are often surprised to find at the dentist in Soho. We offer non-surgical cosmetic enhancement to surround and complement your smile;

Bridges – this is a way of replacing missing teeth that are next to one another. You can have more than one replacement mounted on a bridge;

Cosmetic bonding – this is used to mould a tooth into better shape. This might mean repairing a crack or covering stains, as well as addressing other damage;

Crowns – these are caps that are applied to the tops of teeth to reseal them and prevent further decay. This is often done after any damage has been cleared away and the resulting hole has been filled;

Dental hygiene – this is one of the primary services at the dentist in Soho. We support your ongoing, at-home dental care with check-ups, advice and treatment suggestions;

Dental implants – these are a long-term, secure replacement option that offer you excellent functionality and a great-looking smile. They can be used to replace single or multiple teeth;

Invisalign – a revolutionary teeth-straightening method. Invisalign utilises clear aligners to realign your smile so that the visual impact of your treatment on your appearance is minimal;

Mercury-free dentistry – there is a lot of debate surrounding the use of mercury in dentistry. At PS Dental Care, we have chosen to work without mercury, so we can be sure we are offering you dental treatment with minimal risks;

Smile makeovers – the process of choosing a number of dental treatments to craft a beautiful look is often called a smile makeover. We can offer you a treatment plan that gives you the teeth you have always wanted;

Teeth whitening – a straightforward cosmetic treatment that we offer alongside our other smile refinement options to give you an instant boost.

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Providing Signature Smile Makeovers

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