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Are you looking for a dental clinic for life?

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Researching the ins and outs of a dentist in Soho to find one whose skills you can trust and with whom you feel comfortable and at home, is as important as finding your next new car, or even new home. You only have one mouth, and it is important to be vigilant in keeping it in optimum condition over decades of hard wear and tear. These are not choices we make every week, so the search can feel daunting. What most of us would like is a dentist for life. That’s where PS Dental Care comes in.

As we go through life, our dental needs change, and what most people want is a great dentist who can take care of their teeth, no matter how their needs change, for many years.

dental clinic

Our teeth and mouths continue to evolve throughout our lives, as accidents, lifestyle, diet and wear and tear take their toll on our hard-working mouths. We have the right dentists to correct any problems, be they health-related, such as infections, or aesthetic problems, such as chipped, worn or broken teeth.

In older age, our dental needs are more likely to include the need for replacement artificial teeth and problems with receding gums. Our Soho dentist is trained to be able to look after people with the issues that come with old age.

On the aesthetic side of things

Our dentist in Soho can offer services to enhance your smile, such as teeth straightening and whitening, as well as veneers and cosmetic bonding to cover imperfections. We offer ways to avoid the ugly glint of metal amalgam fillings, as well as ways to deal with missing teeth, from bridges to dental implants.

We also offer ways to rejuvenate your face so that your smile sits in a beautiful, youthful frame.

At PS Dental Care, Doug Jarvis, our original owner since 2004, has been working as a qualified dentist for 35 years. Needless to say, he has vast experience in all fields of dentistry. Antonis Pisiaris and Nuno Santos are now the principals at the practice, hence the name PS Dental Care. Both have been qualified and have been practising for over a decade, continually updating their skills and knowledge with postgraduate training.



Providing Signature Smile Makeovers

38 Poland St, Soho, London W1F 7LY

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