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Are you new to London?

Here in the UK, there are thousands of dental practices, each unique in their own way. In London alone, we know that you have a huge amount of choice. And with new people constantly moving into the city to become Londoners, we know how important it is to find a new dentist in Soho as soon as you’re settled in to your new flat.

The beauty of London is how many people come from different walks of life, all sharing this wonderful city. And with people coming from different walks of life, no one dentist is a one-size-fits-all for every person. There are many questions to answer before choosing a dentist: are they experienced, are they affordable, do they care? Let us tell you who we are and what we are about here at PS Dental Care to help you discover if we are the right fit for your new dentist in Soho.

Who we are

We are an established dentist in Soho with over 200* Invisalign cases and over 1,000+ implant cases. We have an experienced team of dentists and hygienists to provide you with an efficient and comfortable experience at the dentist. We deeply care about our patients, and we aim to create a peaceful environment so you can relax during your treatments. We are happy to know many of our patients have continued long-term care with us for many years, and we now feel like they are part of the PS Dental Care family.

What is stopping you from visiting the dentist?

We understand a lot of people choose to avoid the dentist in Soho for two reasons: cost and fear. We aim to remove both of these obstacles from our patients. We believe that you should never lose the quality of dental care to fit your budget. We create a personalised treatment plan to fit your budget and needs. We also know fear is a big reason people avoid the dental chair, but we provide all our patients the environment in which to talk about their fears and concerns. We can also provide sedatives and hypnosis for our more anxious patients.

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Providing Signature Smile Makeovers

38 Poland St, Soho, London W1F 7LY

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