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Completing your smile with bridges from our dentist

There are many types of restorative care and at our dentist in Soho, we try to tailor the support of our patients to their needs. One of the most common needs is tooth replacement with a bridge, which fits neatly between a single crown or implant and a full set of dentures.

Dental bridges have been around for a long time; with decay, teeth lost next to each other would need to be replaced to incorporate them into the same prosthesis, rather than opting for individual restoratives. Exactly how to hold these prostheses in place, balancing convenient daily use and cleaning with stability, has long been a challenge.

How are they made and fitted?

Like a full set of dentures, bridges are produced in a dental laboratory from detailed measurements taken in the clinic. We can either use moulding techniques or an intraoral scanner, depending on which you would prefer. Most patients at our dentist in Soho find scanning to be a much simpler and more convenient process.

Living with a bridge

There are a few different types of bridges, which can also be fixed or removable. Fixed bridges are either held in place using a pair of dental implants or are bonded to the adjacent teeth with a strip of wire. Removable bridges are similar to a standard denture, using friction to hold themselves in place at the gum line and a mild pinching force from the two adjacent teeth.

Due to the relatively short length, removable bridges have a habit of rocking forwards and backwards on the gum. These can be mitigated with a good quality fit and denture adhesives. The advantage of them is the simple cleaning by using overnight soaking.

Fixed bridges do not suffer from movement as they are wired. These bridges have a gap between the bridge and the surface of the gun that can become a trap for food particles and other debris. Specialist brushes and other cleaning tools are available to get under the bridge. This is not a problem with stable bridges immobilised by using dental implants, which do not have a gap between the prosthesis and the gum surface. Maintaining them is similar to brushing any other teeth and it is convenient, so many patients prefer this to soaking, as it is part of their daily habit and feels like a natural connection with the prosthesis. Implant immobilised dentures also feel more integrated, as they are permanently attached into the jawbone!

Spreading the cost of care

We understand that dental care can be a sudden and unbudgeted for expense, so we offer financing at our dentist in Soho. If you want to spread the cost of dental care, in order not to have to restrict your medical options, talk to our team for more information.

Interest-free payment plans are available and are subject to credit checks and applications. The total amount that you can borrow is subject to status. If you would like more information about any of the procedures carried out at our clinic or financing, please feel free to get in contact.

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