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Could a dentist in Soho put a smile on your face?

Discover a different side to Soho

Beyond the glitz, glamour and the endless hustle and bustle that is London’s Soho district, lies a well kept secret. At PS Dental Care, we provide residents from across the city and well beyond with a truly tailored, bespoke dental experience like no other - right in the heart of Soho. We are a dentist in Soho who provides our patients with an entire range of dentistry options. Each being suited to fit their needs and desires, and ranging from preventive and structural dentistry, to some of the most innovative cosmetic dentistry options available. If you find yourself in the heart of the city and are looking to put a rejuvenated smile on your face, look no further than us here at PS Dental Care.

Cosmetic craftwork

Some of the most widely requested methods of dental treatment that we provide here at PS Dental Care, are cosmetic dentistry procedures. We are a dentist in Soho who can completely transform the look of our patients’ smiles, and ensure that they both look and feel their absolute best. Your smile is one of the most important social tools that you possess, and having a straight, bright and healthy looking smile can have a truly massively positive impact on how you are received and treated by those around you. Equally, having a smile which is crooked, yellow or is missing teeth can have the reverse effect and cause people to view you differently each day. That is why, here at PS Dental Care, we are a cosmetic dentist in Soho who offer our patients ‘smile makeovers’ during which we listen to their needs and understand what aspect of their smiles they feel the most self-conscious about or feel would best benefit from cosmetic dentistry work. Then we design a completely bespoke, tailored treatment plan which will help them achieve the smile they deserve.

Reasons for orthodontic treatment

Many adults who come into our dental practice in Soho, do so as they are concerned with the straightness of their teeth and are looking into cosmetic dentistry options which could help them realign their smiles. Besides the obvious aesthetic disadvantages of having crooked teeth, there are also some serious dental health ramifications that misaligned teeth can have. This is because the likelihood of food particles or bacteria getting stuck in the spaces between teeth is higher. If these bacteria are not properly brushed out - which is often the case as they are in harder to reach spots and obscured by crooked teeth - they lead to problems. If these bacteria are not removed, they can turn into plaque which, if left within a gap in the patient’s tooth, can evolve into gingivitis or periodontal disease (gum disease) which is the leading cause of adult tooth loss and can also cause other long-term health problems.

The Invisalign method

The Invisalign method is a cosmetic alternative to traditional braces or orthodontics. The process is widely acclaimed for its discreet, hidden nature. Unlike conventional means of dental alignment, Invisalign is almost completely undetectable throughout treatment. This is because the treatment does not involve the use of any metal wires or dental brackets which are common throughout common orthodontics, but instead is entirely based around a see-through plastic retainer. This retainer is made to fit over the patient’s tooth shape perfectly, so that when it is worn it is almost completely transparent and totally unobtrusive.

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Providing Signature Smile Makeovers

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