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Could your life be improved through a dentist in Soho?

Reasons to seek out a dentist in Soho

In the past, people only really called upon the services of their dentist in Soho when they absolutely needed it. For example, if you were suffering from severe toothache, or had fallen and chipped a tooth - you’d call your dentist. Other than that however, it was something which was generally avoided if possible. Today, here at PS Dental Care, we believe that this is no longer the case. Nowadays, patients of all ages are willingly turning up to our dentist in Soho to request all manner of dental work. This new breed of patients are often primarily drawn to our services with the aim of achieving a brighter, healthier looking smile, thanks to our expert cosmetic dentistry specialists, who utilise some of the most innovative, emerging techniques to help patients maximise the true beauty of their smiles and boost their self-esteem in the process.

Assessing your cosmetic options

Those who are considering undergoing cosmetic dentistry solutions to improve their smile, often do so with a specific goal in mind. Generally, everyone has at least one aspect of their smile that they feel somewhat self-conscious about and feel could be improved through cosmetic dentistry procedures. The initial stage of any treatment is typically coming in to have a friendly, non-committal conversation with one of our cosmetic specialists here at PS Dental Care. During this chat, patients can outline what they wish to improve about their smiles, and the cosmetic specialist can establish a treatment plan which is tailored to meet the patient’s needs.

Cosmetic bonding

For those who have multiple superficial concerns about their teeth, and wish to completely reshape their smile on a near-permanent basis, then perhaps cosmetic bonding would be the best solution. Cosmetic bonding is a process which is somewhat similar to dental veneers, and involves a tooth coloured, specialised plastic material being bonded to the front of a patient's teeth and hardened through the use of a special light. This bonding agent effectively provides the patient's tooth with an entirely new front and can help address a number of issues that they may have with their smile - such as stains or discolouration, chips or breaks, or gaps between teeth. The composite resin can also be used to make teeth appear longer, or bridge gaps between teeth - and effectively completely reshape the way they look. The effects of this method of treatment are not entirely permanent, but typically last around ten years or so (depending on the level of bonding and the patient's oral habits). The process of receiving dental bonding treatment initially starts with a consultation, during which the measurements are taken and the patient is informed about the process. Then the surface of the patient's tooth is roughened and a specialised conditioning liquid applied. This liquid and roughening allows for the bonding to adhere to the tooth with greater strength. Then the resin is applied over the patient's tooth and moulded to the correct, desired shape. Finally, a bright blue light or laser is applied directly to the resin which hardens the material and the patient has a new smile with the desired effect of being more together, whiter and even, for many years.

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