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Do you need Invisalign? You need our dentist Soho!

At PS Dental Care, we believe we have a treatment that will make you want to smile, regardless of how misaligned your teeth may be. If you have mild to moderate alignment problems, our dentist Soho could offer you Invisalign, a system of removable aligners that can be used to discreetly and conveniently realign your smile in as little as 6 to 18 months on average. The aligners must be worn over the teeth, and since the aligners are made of plastic, only the teeth should be visible while the aligners work their magic by pushing the teeth into the correct positions. You will be provided with aligners by our dentist Soho, who should ask you to change between them every couple of weeks or so. The treatment is convenient as you can also remove your aligners for up to 2 hours a day.

Why are the aligners removable?

One of the best things about using aligners is the fact that you can take them out of your mouth when you need to. You should find that you prefer eating without your aligners in your mouth as it means that you don’t need to worry about avoiding any foods that could damage them. You also won’t need to worry about cleaning masticated food off them or having to clean your teeth with anything in your way, as you can take the aligners out before you brush or floss! This means that you should be able to uphold excellent oral hygiene standards and not have to worry about developing any further issues.

Are the aligners comfortable to wear?

The aligners should be very comfortable to wear because they will be custom-made for your mouth. We use iTero technology to digitally scan your mouth and get the required measurements for your aligners to be manufactured in the Invisalign laboratories. Once made, the aligners should then sit snugly along your gumline. It may feel a little tight when you start using a new aligner, but this should settle quickly within the first few hours or so. Of course, if you need a little break, you should still have plenty of time to remove your aligners to have one!

3D animation

If you want to know what your teeth will look like after your treatment is completed, you won’t need us to get a crystal ball out! Once we have digitally scanned your mouth, we will be able to generate a 3D animation to show you a prediction of what your teeth will look like once your treatment has been complete, before you even get started. This can be a highly motivating experience for patients, who can imagine how wonderful their smiles will be. Invisalign is just one of the treatments we use that is at the cutting edge of technology and advances patients’ experience of excellent dental care.

Find out more

No matter what your dental requirements are, book a consultation with our dentist Soho to discuss your concerns. We look forward to devising a treatment plan with you and getting you started with the treatments you want to have. If Invisalign is a treatment you need, we look forward to getting to know you well and helping you smile the smile you deserve.

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