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Experience you can rely on with a Soho dentist

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

The team of professionals at PS Dental Care provide a welcoming environment for modern dental care. As your dentist in Soho, we use up-to-date equipment and a wide range of techniques to look after all aspects of your dental health and oral hygiene. Whatever your age and whatever the condition of your teeth, we work with you to create appropriate, affordable solutions.

Reasons to go to the dentist in Soho

Your overall health is affected by your oral health. The way you feel about how you look can be linked to the appearance of your teeth. At PS Dental Care, we fully understand how important your teeth are to your quality of life. So our treatments are optimised to make the biggest difference.

Soho dentist

Early decay detection can help you keep your teeth healthy, and maintain confidence in eating and drinking. Dental implants could fill the gaps in your smile with long-lasting, natural-feeling replacements. While teeth whitening could undo the staining and discoloration than can slowly build up as you age.

Financial adaptability

As well as options for your teeth, we provide options for your pocket. To help ensure your treatment is right for your budget, we offer financial plans that spread the cost of our improvements. These plans help reduce the worry that can deter many patients from seeking the solutions they need.

Unplanned incidents

PS Dental Care offers access to a Soho dentist in emergencies, even on weekends or bank holidays. As a patient of ours, if a sudden development like a cracked tooth at a barbecue puts you in need of assistance, you can be assured that our friendly dental professionals will provide a prompt response.


Our team keep up to date with advances in modern dental care. We attend postgraduate workshops and courses for further education to learn about the latest techniques and equipment. We provide a considerate, welcoming experience for our patients by caring for more than just their teeth.

Further information

Our website will tell you more about some of the treatments you may be considering. Or you can get in touch with our team – either by phone or by using the contact form – who will be happy to answer any queries you have.

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