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Fear of the dentist

Across the country are husbands, parents, children and working professionals who dread the thought of that 6-monthly appointment.

Fear of the dentist is a real barrier for many people and stops them getting regular check-ups. This can cause an issue with dental problems that aren’t diagnosed in their early stages and means a dental problem becomes more complicated to treat. Fear can turn into real symptoms for people, ranging from panic attacks and rapid breathing to mild nervousness. It’s important that as a dentist in Soho, we consider these feelings that our new and existing patients have.

Why do people fear the dentist?

For some of you, it could be the thought of keeping your mouth open while a dentist prods you with sharp metal tools. For others, it’s the mere sound of the drill or the fear of how much pain they’re going to feel. The mouth is a very personal and sensitive area where you feel everything, so it’s no wonder many people feel this way. Some people will even put up with any pain they’re experiencing, rather than find a dentist in Soho.

Easing patient fears

We’re a dentist in Soho with a team of dental professionals who understand these fears all too well. That’s why we offer a space with a comforting environment to help ease those quibbles and symptoms that patients sometimes feel. Our dentists can talk to you about a few options we can offer to make your appointments and treatments as straight-forward and comfortable as possible.

Getting a loved one to visit the dentist

If your loved one is avoiding the dentist because of fear, you can go with them to their appointment or take them to yours. By being in the waiting room it will get them used to being at our dentist in Soho and make them feel calmer about coming themselves.

At PS Dental Care we strive to provide you with optimum dental treatment and results using the latest techniques and technologies from all disciples of dentistry. When you need a dentist in Soho, count on our highly trained staff to make your appointment simple, comfortable - and perhaps even enjoyable!

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