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Get a dentist near your work

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Getting to work in London seems to become harder and harder every year. The trains into town cost a fortune and never seem to run on time. The tubes are crammed to bursting and hot as hell. The buses are stuck in traffic and so is the traffic. God knows, if you work here, you don’t really want to be having to come and go any more than necessary. With all that in mind, it makes sense, if you are a commuter, to get as many appointments as you can near your work. And if you work around Oxford Street, you need a dentist in Soho. It could save you a lot of extra commuting time.


At PS Dental Care, we are just two minutes’ walk from Oxford Street. You can come to us for check-ups in your lunch hour, or take an hour of your working day for this and other treatments.

If you need something doing that is going to take a lot of appointments, such as dental implants, or braces, then using us as your dentist in Soho, could save you a lot of time off work. You won’t have to use up holiday time in whole days off so you can get to your dentist in the town where you live.

Our dentists are Antonis Pisiaris and Nuno Santos, with back up from the incredibly experienced Doug Jarvis. Doug has been in practice since 1981 and used to own the practice. He agreed to stay on after he sold the practice to give us the benefit of his experience. Antonis, one of the current practice principals, has been working in the UK since he graduated in Athens in 2003. His main interest is aesthetic dentistry and the management of complex cases. He is also a visiting implantologist at two other practices.

Nuno, our other practice principal, graduated in Porto in 2006. As well as implants, cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics, Nuno covers all areas of general dentistry.

There’s nothing we can’t do for you. Come and find out how convenient it can be to have a dentist in Soho. Call for an initial appointment.

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