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Getting to know our Dentist in Soho

Situated within the heart of Soho London, our modern and friendly dental practice is described as “Soho’s biggest secret”! Our dental practice boasts an experienced team of dental healthcare professionals who all not only hold a passion for the high standard of dentistry they provide to our patients’, however they also boast a wealth of dental knowledge too!

Did you know?

Our Dentist in Soho has treated over two hundred cases with Invisalign clear aligners, in addition to administering over one thousand dental implants! Our team not only offers our patients’ with general dental treatments (such as dental hygiene, and emergency dental appointments, to name just a few common examples) however we also provide an extensive array of more advanced dentistry too!

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dental care is just one example of the many advanced forms of dentistry we provide to our patients’ at our Dentist in Soho! Cosmetic dentistry works primarily to improve the physical and therefore aesthetic appearance of a patients’ smile, however, it can also help to improve the health of a mouth! One example of a cosmetic treatment which works to improve the appearance of the smile, whilst also helping the function and health of the teeth, are clear aligners.

What are Invisalign clear aligners?

Clear aligners are extremely popular within the modern field of dentistry and are considered as the modern alternative to orthodontic braces! Invisalign is both a popular and trusted brand provider of clear aligners (who have provided over four million happy smiles worldwide) and the brand we provide to our patients! Invisalign is an example of cosmetic dentistry that not only looks fantastic within the mouth (due to their extremely subtle physical appearance) however they can also help improve other aspects of a patients’ smile too!

So.. How does it work?

If you are an individual who is suffering from an overbite, crooked, or even just generally misaligned or wonky teeth, then you may be referred to an orthodontist! Orthodontic braces help to straighten the appearance of the teeth (Invisalign clear aligners are therefore no exception) however straighter teeth can also welcome many other benefits!

A healthier, and happier smile!

Straighter teeth can cause our patients to feel more confident than ever in regards to their physical appearance, however, straighter teeth can also prevent the accumulation of oral bacteria too! Wonky teeth can make it hard for patients’ to reach certain areas when cleaning the mouth, this bacteria can occasionally build-up and develop into more serious oral diseases and infections (one common example of which is gum disease). Therefore, if you are looking to straighten the appearance of your smile for cosmetic reasons, you may be unaware that you are also helping to keep your mouth healthy!

What are our patients’ saying about our practice?

Within the modern world, we understand that many of our patients’ may place patient testimonials within high regard, with this importance in mind, therefore, we choose to display a wide array of our positive patient testimonials on our clinic website! Just one example of our many positive patient reviews states that “the quality” of one of our dental specialist’s work is “outstanding”.

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