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Have you considered what your fillings are made of?

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Porcelain fillings

Most of us have fillings, and while this is nothing to be ashamed of, what we do need to be aware of is what these filings are made of. Over the years it is quite possible to collect a number of amalgam fillings in your mouth, especially if you regularly visit an NHS dentist. Yes, amalgam fillings are deemed safe to use in teeth cavities by the General Dental Council. However, do your research online and you will find a fair amount of controversy surrounding amalgam fillings, particularly related to mercury. Scientists agree that amalgam fillings leak mercury. Why take the risk of putting a toxic material in your mouth? People who opt for white fillings with our dentist in Soho are usually those who have done their research, yourself included if you are reading this article.

Porcelain fillings

Here at PS Dental, white fillings fitted by our dentist in Soho are made from porcelain, a material that poses no threat to your overall health. No mercury, no controversy. Porcelain fillings perform better than amalgam fillings and have been increasing in popularity in recent years for good reason.

Due to a unique strong bond created between porcelain fillings and your natural tooth surface you actually get to keep more of your original tooth. Amalgam fillings require healthy tooth to be removed in order to stick, porcelain fillings do not. This strong porcelain bond ensures that bits of food, sugar and bacteria will not be able to penetrate between the filling and your tooth. This means your fillings will last much longer and keep your teeth in a healthier condition. Believe it or not, amalgam fillings simply sit inside your tooth meaning nasty bacteria can get in and loosen your filling over time.

White fillings are simply better. The benefits listed here are just a couple of many. Our experienced dentist in Soho can provide you with all the information you need about porcelain fillings. Drop us a line at PS Dental Care. Our helpful team will help you gain peace of mind and set you on track to a healthier smile.

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