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How cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the perfect smile

Times have changed, speak to your dentist to find out more!

Everyone wants a perfect smile. Whether it is with their own teeth or when they are looking for a partner, a beautiful, white smile is key in boosting self-confidence and can positively impact many aspects of life. Over the last few decades dental care has become an important part of self-grooming, where previously most people only visited their dentist for emergencies and irregular check-ups, now people want more from their dentist and are looking for ways to perfect their teeth. The lack of options previously meant that there was a reluctance in adults to consider improving the aesthetics of their teeth, however much research and development, as well as advances in dental technology, have meant that there are now many different cosmetic dental treatment options available at your dentist to help you achieve the perfect smile.

The role of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has become an increasingly popular and sought-after field of dentistry, which has allowed a perfect smile to be achievable at any age, whilst also being comfortable and convenient for modern hectic lifestyles. There are many different options in cosmetic dentistry, and as long as your teeth are clean and healthy, speaking to our dentist Soho will help you find out what you can do to improve your smile. Cosmetic dentistry includes teeth whitening which is one of the most popular procedures in the field. It also includes straightening misaligned and crooked teeth, restoring chipped and broken teeth, and improving the look of wonky or protruding teeth. Speak to our dentist Soho about the many techniques and treatment methods involved in cosmetic dentistry and find what you are looking for today.

Invisalign for a perfect smile

Invisalign is a popular cosmetic dental treatment here at PS Dental Care, which uses clear plastic aligners to help straighten teeth to create an attractive smile. It works as an excellent alternative to conventional orthodontic braces which use metal wires and brackets that can be clearly visible in the mouth. Previously adults have been reluctant about having their teeth straightened because of the high visibility of conventional braces. Invisalign aligners, as the name suggests, are almost invisible and metal free and they are individually tailored to provide accuracy, precision and comfort throughout the treatment procedure. Initially a full examination and professional clean will be carried out of your teeth to make sure that you have no underlying dental issues and that your teeth are clean and ready for the procedure. Then a digital scan of your teeth will be carried out so that you and the dentist can see an accurate prediction of what successful treatment can do for your smile. The scan results will be sent to the technicians to have a series of aligners created which need to be worn for 2 weeks at a time, for approximately 20 hours a day, so that each aligner can shift the position of the teeth by up to 0.25 mm. Working your way through the series of aligners will help you gradually move the position of your teeth until they have reached their perfect places. Speak to us at PS Dental and find out more about Invisalign and the other different cosmetic dental procedures which are available for you at our dentist Soho.



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