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How long is it since you had a check-up?

Six months? One year? 2 years? A decade? It’s surprising how long people will put off going for a check-up. If you are working hard and commuting, it can be hard to find the time to squeeze in yet another appointment, especially if your evenings and weekends are taken up with sport, kids and catching up on household chores, and anyway, your dentist at home may not even be open on Saturdays. Which is why it makes good sense to get a dentist in Soho, so that you can fit your appointments in around your work life rather than your home life.

At PS Dental Care, we are 2 short minutes walk from Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road tube stations, so we are easy to get to. Instead of having to take half or whole days off to get dental treatment, you can pop out for an hour or even come and see us in your lunch hour.

Back to that check-up

So, if you haven’t had a check-up with a dentist, in Soho we can fit you in and get you checked out, all your need to do is register for an initial appointment.

Perhaps you don’t think you need a check-up. Surely, you’d know if there was anything wrong and then you could just come in to the dentist in Soho and get it fixed. Well, yes, that’s one way of doing it, but it’s not a sensible way to take care of your teeth.

The thing is that dental decay and gum disease take a while to come to your attention. By the time that you can feel or see that something is wrong, they are already more advanced than if we’d spotted them during a check-up. Decay, for example, starts out as white patches on your teeth way before there’s a hole through which decay-causing bacteria can enter and make their presence known via pain signals. So, if you wait until you know you’ve got a problem, you are looking at more extensive and more expensive treatment.

So, don’t delay, book that check-up today and save yourself and your teeth a whole lot of bother later on.

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