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I am unhappy with my smile due to missing teeth

There are many problems that people can have with their teeth and we, as a dental practice, are dedicated to helping our patients overcome them. Missing teeth can not only cause major negatives for the overall health of your mouth, but also a loss of confidence that the condition engenders. As a dentist in Soho, we can offer you numerous treatments to solve the problem of missing teeth. We can offer dental treatments which allow us to build a crown onto a bracket with a finished product resembling your natural teeth. We can also offer you bridges to address the concerns which are the result of inadequate dental function.

I am worried about future problems with my teeth

Many people worry about what will happen to their teeth as they age. Preventive work is key to looking after the overall health and hygiene of the mouth and can keep teeth healthier for longer. Preventive work can be achieved by you through thorough brushing and flossing, as well as keeping up with dental appointments. It can help prevent issues such gum disease from arising and this includes periodontal disease. Dental hygiene and mercury-free dentistry can be added to any prevention work to ensure that your teeth are in the best possible health. And should a dental emergency arise we will be on hand to get you the help that you need quickly and effectively.

I wish my smile looked better

Many people are unhappy with the condition of their teeth. Some people are self-conscious about the appearance of their smile and as a result try to conceal it. We at PS Dental Care, have a host of different treatments that have been used by many patients to ensure that they become comfortable with their smile again. As a dentist in Soho, we can offer treatments to make your smile brighter and whiter. We can offer veneers alongside smile design. Other treatments include Invisalign, cosmetic bonding and crowns. All of these treatments can be used to allow you to build a smile that you can have confidence in.

I wish my smile was straighter

Many people wish that their smile was straighter. A straighter smile can promote a healthier mouth as it becomes easier to clean. A straighter smile can also promote better digestion as well as looking great. A variety of orthodontic treatments are available for patients who wish that they had a straighter smile. These treatments are not limited to children and can be used to correct many issues with teeth placement in the mouth. Invisible treatments such as Invisalign are available, to allow people who are worried about how their mouths would look during treatment to fix their smile unobtrusively

I am worried about my family's teeth

As a dentist in Soho, we work with all ages of patients so you can be assured that you and your family’s teeth will be well looked after. We ensure that our practice is as welcoming as possible to put you and your family at ease. It is our belief that dental work should be as comfortable and as accessible as possible. We have made our treatments affordable and will make every effort to ensure that all the needs of all of our clients are met. This practice wants all patients to have the best possible experience when they come to us.

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