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Interested in having a complete smile makeover?

Who said that makeovers were only for your face?

Everyone has a unique fashion; a part of themselves that no one can copy or duplicate which suits them perfectly. But one thing that looks great regardless of your fashion sense is a straight, white smile.

Sadly, not everyone is naturally blessed with perfectly straight white teeth, but thanks to advances in modern dentistry, anyone can now achieve that coveted smile, with the help of our dentist in Soho.

Known as a smile makeover or a smile design, this procedure involves our cosmetic dentist in Soho combining a range of different cosmetic procedures to create a gorgeous smile that will leave you beaming with confidence!

What procedures can you have during your smile makeover? Read on to find out!


Perhaps the most popular of all of our dental procedures, whitening is a great finishing touch to any smile makeover.

Our dentist in Soho can offer patients both in surgery and at home whitening kits, which can whiten your teeth by up to16 shades in 14 days!


A useful addition to any smile makeover is the porcelain veneer.

Perfect for providing an almost instant whiteness to your teeth, these porcelain fittings can be shaped to close minor gaps, whilst also being able to hide stains, cracks or chips in your smile.

They also require minimal preparation, but depending on the size, you may have to wait for them to be made, trust us, they are worth waiting for! Veneers are attached to your natural teeth with a strong adhesive, meaning they should stay in place for upwards of 15 years.


A perfect solution for anyone who has a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, is a dental implant.

Fitted into your jawbone, the implant(s) allow your dental team to attach a single prosthesis (tooth) to your jaw, numerous teeth (a bridge) or an entire set of new teeth (over dentures), depending on your clinical need.

While this procedure is quite time consuming, once our team have decided you are suitable, you will have the metal implants placed into your jaw line (with anaesthetic of course!) and a set of X-rays will be taken.

In the following months, our team will need to check that your jawbone is growing around the implants correctly and is not rejecting them; this process can take up to 6 months to complete, so patience is a virtue if you choose this as part of your smile makeover!

Once the implants are deemed secure, you will be able to have your prosthesis fitted in one appointment.

With correct aftercare and good oral hygiene, your newly fitted implants will last anywhere between 15 to 40 years. Lifestyle choices like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can cause implants to fail quickly, so this is worth considering before undertaking implants as part of your smile makeover.



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