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Is it time you found out if our dentist in Soho could lend a hand?

Find your smile

At this bleak, increasingly dark and cold time it can be easy to forget to smile. However, at PS Dental Care it is our mission to put a happy smile onto the face of every patient who seeks out our services.

We are a dentist Soho who understands the strain that the current Covid:19 pandemic has placed on our patients, and as such we have adapted our services to ensure that our patients feel relaxed and safe when receiving treatment. We have also expanded on our ‘online consultations’ which allow the patients to have their oral health professionally assessed by one of our trusted practitioners without them having to pay a physical visit, which many people are still concerned about doing.

Why seek out a dentist Soho?

With the temperature steadily dropping, and the days shortening, at PS Dental Care we are a dentist Soho who understands the temptation of many to hibernate indoors watching TV with a cup of tea. However, it is also important that we remember the crucial role that our oral health plays on our overall health and that we do all we can to keep our teeth healthy.

By neglecting your oral health you are leaving yourself increasingly vulnerable to infections, such as periodontal disease, spreading. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is the second leading cause of tooth loss in adults and can cause a number of adverse health effects if not treated quickly and effectively.

This is particularly true for patients who have crooked or badly aligned teeth, as plaque and tartar are more likely to form within the harder-to-reach pockets and spaces between teeth. If these are missed during brushing, then it can develop into gum disease and lead to a number of problems.

Cosmetic orthodontics

One of the most effective ways of minimising the risk of periodontal disease, for those who suffer from badly aligned teeth, would be to seek out orthodontic help. Many people - especially younger adults or teenagers - are put off of doing so however, because they are worried or concerned about the cosmetic implications of orthodontics.

At PS Dental Care, however, we provide our patients with a range of ‘cosmetic orthodontics’ which are specifically designed to have minimal impact on how a patient looks. Treatments such as Invisalign have little to no impact on a patient's appearance, as they can realign crooked teeth, without needing anything to be attached to them. Instead, pressure-points within a customised retainer are used to push the misplaced teeth into their proper space.

As every Invisalign retainer is custom-built for each patient, and because of the transparent and incredibly thin materials which are used, when the patient places his or her retainer over their teeth it is almost totally undetectable. If you feel that your smile is crooked and that you could be benefitting from cosmetic orthodontics at this time when oral health has never been more important, then simply speak to one of our friendly staff here at PS Dental Care - through an online consultation if preferred - and let us form a unique treatment plan to help get your smile back together.

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