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Let our dentist in Soho get the spark back into your smile

A reason to smile

At PS Dental Care we’ve always striven to be a dentist Soho who goes above and beyond to achieve lasting and positive results for our patients. We provide a broad range of treatments including cosmetic dental treatments, dental implants and discreet orthodontics such as Invisalign.

We know that the last year has been difficult for everyone and that many people’s dental health may have fallen by the wayside. At PS Dental Care we feel everyone should have the ability to smile with carefree confidence rather than hiding their smile away behind a mask or closed lips.

Anybody out there who wants to have their dental health assessed by a professional who truly understands their dental ambitions and needs, should contact our friendly staff here at PS Dental Care today.

Dental hygienist services

Unsurprisingly - given the circumstances of the past year - one of the most popular services that our dentist Soho has been providing to patients is dental hygiene treatment,

Our dental hygienist is specially trained in identifying and rectifying any signs of periodontal disease (gum disease) or other issues such as decay or abscesses.

For those who have not been to our dentist Soho for some time, it is always advised that they seek out the help of our dental hygienist. This is because our hygienist can give your oral health a full and extensive assessment and work out what treatments, if any, you’ll need to get the spark back into your smile.

Another very popular service which our dental hygienist offers patients is a scale and polish. This is a two-stage deep clean procedure that aims to rid the patient of any build-ups of tartar and plaque from their teeth.

What cosmetic treatments are available?

At PS Dental Care we know the value that a bright and attractive smile has, and the uplifting and beneficial effect that it can have on a patient's self-confidence.

We also recognise that the last year has been hard for those who have visibly marked, stained or chipped teeth as cosmetic dental treatments have not been as readily available.

Now, however, we are happy to be back to providing Soho with the dental care that we have become renowned for and can provide several cosmetic dental treatments to our patients.

At PS Dental Care we believe that all cosmetic dental treatments should be moulded to meet the needs of each unique patient. This is why we begin every cosmetic treatment we provide to our patient with a detailed consultation.

These give the patient an opportunity to tell our cosmetic expert what they want to improve about their smile, and lets our cosmetic expert explain the options that are open to them.

Below are some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments we provide here at PS Dental Care:

● Veneers

● Invisalign retainers

● Dental whitening

● Crowns

● Cosmetic bonding

If you are interested in any of the above treatments, or just cosmetic dentistry in general then you should contact us here at PS Dental Care and arrange a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentistry experts.

That way you can ensure you’ll get the best and most dedicated dental attention in the centre of Soho and get your smile back to a condition that you can be proud of.

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