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Let our dentist in Soho make you smile

Changing faces

As winter is drawing ever closer and the days are getting increasingly short - it is no surprise if you are feeling glum. The weather turning, coupled with the increasing lockdown measurements and restrictions have dampened the spirits of London considerably and changed the entire face of the city.

However, at PS Dental Care we feel that it is important that people remember the importance of their oral health. Whilst all our smiles may be hidden behind face-coverings at the moment, things will change. And we feel that it is important that when they do so, people’s teeth are in good enough health to let their smiles shine.

Sadly, however, recent lockdown measures have caused a number of people to forget their daily dental routines, and therefore anyone who believes their teeth could do with a professional level of care and attention should seek out our dentist Soho, and let us get you back in shape.

What can a dentist Soho do for me?

In the past, many of the patients who sought out the aid of our dentist Soho here at PS Dental Care did so to receive cosmetic dentistry care. While this is still a popular option, an increasing number of new patients are opting to be treated by our hygienist.

It is the role of our dental hygienist to make sure that your teeth are in top health, rather than focusing on making them look their best. This can have a massively beneficial impact on a patient's dental health and wellbeing, and helps prevent any unnecessary return visits any time too soon.

Our hygienist also carries out a professional cleaning process using specialised equipment and pastes. This is called a ‘scale and polish’ procedure and is effective in ridding a patient's teeth of any pockets of hidden plaque and tartar, and can prevent any signs of gum disease from developing.

Cosmetic treatments

Another procedure which we regularly provide to our patients at PS Dental Care is cosmetic dental whitening. This is a procedure which is designed to get rid of any extrinsic staining to the patient's enamel, which may have come about through smoking, drinking red wine, age or certain medications.

By applying a safe amount of a hydrogen-peroxide based bleaching gel directly to the patient's teeth it can visibly reduce the appearance of visible stains and leave them with a brighter, whiter smile almost immediately.

Digital consultations

One of the main differences to our dental practice, due to the Covid:19 pandemic, which we have noticed here at PS Dental Care is the number of patients asking for ‘virtual consultations’. These have been designed to allow our patients to have instant and effective medical advice and to offer treatment options to them.

By sending our practitioners ‘selfies’ of their smiles, our expert dentists can assess their smiles and communicate directly with them to create a tailored treatment plan, which can help them solve whatever their issue with their smile may be. By adapting our service in such a way we have made it possible for a number of our patients to still have continued access to dental support - without them making a physical journey to our practice.

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