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Let’s take a closer look at cavities

In an ideal world, your teeth will last your entire life. As they are integral to enjoying food, smiling and even speaking, this is something to aim for. In order to protect your smile and enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth for as long as possible, it’s worth knowing as much as possible about potential issues so you can avoid them. At PS Dental Care, we are on hand to help you with this and offer you the information you need to care for your teeth.

When you visit the dentist in Soho, some of the things we will be looking for are cavities. These are holes in your teeth. They can start off very small and superficial but, once they form, they expand rapidly and cause long-term damage to the teeth.

How are cavities formed?

There’s a lot going on in your mouth. One of the components of the general environment is bacteria. They are vital to the body’s immune response system and you need some of them. A well looked after tooth can have up to 100,000 bacteria on it doing a supportive job. If you have poor oral hygiene, this number can rise as high as one billion and that’s when the problems start. The reasons why you want to limit the number of bacteria in your mouth include fresh breath and cavity prevention.

Bacteria feed on the substances you put in your mouth. When they do that, they produce acid which eats away at your teeth. This can happen as quickly as one hour after you eat. If you brush regularly, you can limit the damage.

Prevention and cure

Before the bacteria eat through the enamel on the surface of your teeth, you can do things to stop and reverse any damage. Regular visits to the dentist in Soho will help you to understand your oral health status so you can take appropriate action to protect your teeth.

If you do end up with a cavity or 2, your dentist in Soho can repair the damage with a filling. This is where they remove the decayed material and then fill and seal the area to prevent further deterioration.

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