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Looking for a dentist Soho? Come to PS Dental Care!

If you have been looking for a dental practice with a central location in London, then PS Dental Care could be just what you need. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent care using the latest technologies, and our friendly team always look forward to meeting each and every patient, treating them as the individuals that they are. At our practice, we also offer video consultations, when appropriate, so that you don’t need to move from your office or the comfort of your own home in order to discuss treatment options, or an ongoing treatment. With a wide range of procedures available, including facial aesthetics, you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else.

Cosmetic treatments

Some of our most popular treatments are cosmetic ones. With teeth whitening, Invisalign, veneers, crowns, and cosmetic bonding, you could have a smile makeover with one or more of these treatments. If you have misaligned teeth, Invisalign is a hugely popular treatment for mild to moderate alignment issues.


Having misaligned teeth can cause low self-esteem and our dentist Soho doesn’t want that for our patients! We, therefore, offer Invisalign, a treatment that can achieve results in as little as 6 to 18 months on average. The treatment consists of plastic aligners that are worn on top of the teeth, like a gumshield. When they are being worn, they should hardly be visible to anyone else, allowing patients to feel confident about wearing Invisalign in public.

The beauty of Invisalign isn’t just that it gets great results and the discreet nature of them, but the fact that the aligners may be removed for up to 2 hours a day. This means that you won’t need to wear them when you are eating and drinking. You may also remove them while you brush and floss, allowing you to clean your teeth properly.

The aligners need to be changed on a regular basis and we provide enough aligners to last for a duration of 6 weeks, before you will need to come for a check-up with our dentist Soho and to receive the next 6 weeks’ worth.

Teeth whitening

At our practice we also offer teeth whitening with Philips Zoom! This system involves either home whitening or whitening in the treatment room. You will have bleaching trays produced to fit your mouth and we will put the bleaching agent inside this. You will then place the trays over your teeth and let the magic happen! At home, this treatment takes 2 weeks, whereas practice-based treatment is typically around 4 appointments of 15 minutes.

Come and see us

If you would like to speak to our dentist Soho to find out more about any of our treatments, simply book in for an initial consultation to discuss your concerns about your smile or face. Our team is ready to welcome you and help you to feel good about yourself in our relaxed and friendly environment.

So, if you’re in Soho, you know where to go! We want you to smile a beautiful smile, because we can help you get just that.

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