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Looking for the right dentist to suit you

Looking for the right dentist is an important part of our self-care. Regular, thorough brushing and flossing teeth ensure we do our part in maintaining oral health, however, it’s important to see our dentists every 6 months for check-ups and oral hygiene appointments.

If you look at an average life adult lifetime from 18-85 years, with 2 visits a year, you’re looking at 134 visits. With this in mind, it’s important we choose the right dentist. In Soho, PS Dental Care is a good, modern dental surgery that offers the latest in technology and believes in lifetime care.

Dentist in soho

Who’s my dentist in Soho?

We offer a range of services with dentists who keep up to date with the latest in dental technology. For example, one of our principal dentists, Dr Pisiaras’s areas of interest are implant dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and smile design. He brings his masters in implantology, his certificate in aesthetic dentistry and his accreditation in Invisalign to the dental chair. Combining his knowledge and passion to ensure each patient receives the best treatments available. To meet the whole dental team, you can look online and read detailed profiles on each dentist.

Loving my dentist choices, but who would I go to for a regular check-up?

Once you’ve seen that a dental surgery can offer you the latest in technology should you need cosmetic, curative or corrective dentistry, you also need to know your hygienist. They will be the person you go to for regular check-ups, they maintain and are part of preventive dentistry. We have 3 good hygienists who can offer you great ongoing care, one of which is Claire O’Grady. She has been a dental hygienist for 8 years and is known in the practice for her gentle, thorough approach to patient care. She ensures she’s continually updating her knowledge.

Not just looking after your teeth, as your dentist in Soho we look after your purse as well

We offer a range of payment plans and have a range of options to suit every pocket. If you need a dentist in Soho, give our friendly, professional reception today to have a consolation to meet a member of the team.

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