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Making friends with the dentist in Soho – guide for adults

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Most people know that the dentist in Soho is there for the benefit of their patients. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is happy to keep up with their regular appointments or views the dentist as a friendly figure. This is often related to past experiences especially those from childhood or adolescence. It can also be a result of media images or horror stories from friends about a treatment.

Dentist in soho

At PS Dental Care, we can help you to make friends with the dentist in Soho so that you can benefit from everything we have to offer. We can take various steps to get you ready for any treatment that you need to have, as well as improving your general outlook about routine care.

Taking the first step

The first step towards a better relationship with your dentist in Soho is communication. Rest assured that you can talk to us about any issues or concerns that you have. We can meet these by changing the physical circumstances of your appointment wherever possible. This might include shielding you from the bright lights, reducing or blocking out noises you don’t like or reassuring you about developments in pain-free dentistry.

At PS Dental Care, we can also address psychological issues even if you do not necessarily know where they came from or what causes them. We have plenty of experience working with nervous patients, so we can run through a list of techniques that might make you feel more comfortable. Simply knowing you are being treated with extra care can help to start the relaxation process. We can offer you lots of information about what will happen to you during your appointment and involve you in decisions about your treatment so that you feel in control. We may also be able to offer you extra forms of sedation such as inhaling nitrous oxide, which helps to create a relaxed state of mind. This helps other techniques to be more effective as you are more receptive to them.

Once you begin to have positive experiences at the dentist, you may find that your fears drop away quite quickly. After that, you can treat your dentist like any other item on your to-do list.

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