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More than just your oral health

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

There is so much more to be had from visiting the dentist in Soho than sorting out your oral health issues, such as cavities and abscesses. If you are already in great oral health, you might want to think about investing in treatments to enhance your appearance. At PS Dental Care, your dentist in Soho, we have some great ways to provide long-lasting transformations to your mouth, teeth, and gums.

When you invest in your smile, you are investing in your self-confidence. And this is an investment that you will get more wear out of and for longer than a new haircut or an updated wardrobe.

oral health

At PS Dental Care, we offer consultations and help you decide which of our treatments can upgrade your smile.

Perhaps you have an issue with discoloured teeth. If so, we can use teeth whitening to get rid of surfaces stains, bringing out the natural white beauty of your teeth. You can choose whether to have this done in the clinic by our dentist, or by yourself at home with a special kit.

Perhaps rows of mercury amalgam fillings prevent you from roaring with laughter. We can replace all that dark glinting metal with rows of white fillings, making your dental history private again. The latest porcelain composite filling materials are much stronger and more able to cope with the forces of chewing and biting. They last much longer than earlier filling materials.

Perhaps some of your teeth have taken a bit of a battering over the years, and are now chipped, broken, misaligned or heavily filled. In just two appointments, we can make them look new again by hiding the imperfections under porcelain veneers that are bonded to your own teeth.

You may only need one or two veneers, or you can go for a whole set of custom restorations. We assess your mouth and work out a plan to give you what is known in the dental profession as a smile makeover.

To find out more about what your dentist in Soho can do for your smile, why not book a consultation? It could be the start of a whole new you.

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