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Our dentist maintaining your valuable dental assets!

Have you ever considered the difficulties that you would experience if you lost all your teeth? It does not bear thinking about really, but to retain your teeth during your lifetime, you must adhere to a rigid oral hygiene routine. You need to have all your teeth to chew your food properly, which aids your digestion and maintains your health. Teeth can also be used to express yourself by smiling and thereby demonstrating your happy emotion or display your displeasure by baring your teeth angrily or grimacing in pain. So you must realise that your teeth are a very important and valuable asset to you. We at PS Dental Care are a dentist Soho that has been taking care of patients in this area for many years, educating and helping them to maintain their teeth and gums.

Listening and caring

At PS Dental, we offer a friendly, caring and hospitable experience as we believe that our team can provide you with great service only once we understand your desires and concerns. No two patients are the same, and because of this, we will always design a treatment plan around you. We want you to understand and be comfortable with the treatment suggested, and we hope to engage with you so that you can ask any questions. As a dentist Soho, our primary focus is to ensure that you receive quality dental care at all times.

Utilising the latest technology

The progress made in dentistry over the past decade has been phenomenal, and you can now enjoy a dental experience that is far more comfortable than in the past. The way local anaesthetic is delivered and even some treatments that can now be done without the whine of the dentist's drill demonstrate how far procedures have progressed. In addition to our normal dental services, we provide the latest teeth straightening and missing tooth replacement procedures. We want you to feel confident and comfortable when you smile for that selfie. As a progressive dentist Soho, we can even conduct virtual appointments via mobile phones so that you can enjoy a consultation without even being in our surgery. Your busy life does not have to be disrupted because we have adapted our services to fit in with you.

Meeting your demands

Dentistry today is far more than pulling teeth and filling cavities; nowadays, it is more of a complete wellness discipline. Because your mouth is the gateway to your body, we must guide you on the right way to maintain a healthy oral cavity. Preventive dentistry requires us to work in harmony with you as part of our team, and you have to play your part by attending regular six-monthly appointments for a checkup. Our hygienists are also ready to remove any plaque that has built up, which can lead to gum infection. You could also get your teeth whitened by us because we will ensure that your gums are not burnt or irritated by a solution that is too strong.

Additional procedures

We have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, and for this reason, we believe that if you want anti-wrinkle treatment, you should receive it in a safe sterile environment. This is a procedure that we can offer to you to help boost your self-esteem and put a radiant smile back on your face where it belongs!

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