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PS Dental Care: the dentist in Soho you’ll want to know!

Imagine finding a dentist who offers not just general dentistry, but everything else you could hope for from a dental practice: restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, preventive care - the lot! They even offer facial aesthetic treatments to complete the lovely look you’ve got going on with your great smile! Now, imagine that this dental practice was placed in the heart of London and boom! You’d be a daydream believer! However, you don’t need a miracle, you need PS Dental Care. In a central London location, our dentist Soho is ready to welcome you and give you personalised care.

One of our most popular treatments is to provide dental implants for people who have missing teeth.

Dental implants

While there are many replacement teeth options for missing teeth, how they are fitted can be a choice you also make. With dental implants, your dentist Soho may advise this treatment because it is arguably the next best thing to having a full set of natural teeth. Whether you need to replace one tooth, several or a whole set, having dental implants fitted allows replacement teeth to be attached to them and they shouldn’t move at all - just like natural teeth!

How do dental implants work then?

Dental implants are screws which are attached to your jawbone, where you have teeth missing. These screws are embedded into the jawbone and the body’s tissues fuse around them, meaning that they shouldn’t loosen at all. It is to these screws that replacement teeth options may then be fixed. Crowns are typically used for single tooth replacements, whereas dentures are used for a full set of teeth being replaced. Bridges are sometimes used for replacing several teeth. Our dentist Soho will be able to advise about which replacement teeth option would work best for you with the dental implants.

Would I need major surgery?

Dental implants can be fitted just by using local anaesthetic. You will need to have two appointments for this treatment. The first is to have the screws fitted and temporary replacement teeth attached to them. While the body heals, your permanent replacement teeth will be manufactured for you. When you come for your second appointment, we will then be able to fit your permanent replacement teeth to the dental implants.

Are there any other reasons I should consider dental implants?

Aside from the reliability of dental implants, if you look after them by just brushing and flossing as normal, then you could have your implants for 15 years or more. You won’t need to worry about altering your diet because of your implants - you can chomp on an apple and chat to your heart’s content without the fear of your new teeth letting you down! And nobody should realise they aren’t all natural teeth either.

We’re ready when you are!

If you would like to find out more about dental implants or any of the other treatments we offer at our practice, then book in for a consultation and we will be happy to examine you and present you with the treatment options. If you do require dental implants, get ready to be able to chew properly, speak clearly and look wonderful again.

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