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If you are looking for a dentist in Soho, then PS Dental Care has a wide range of treatments available. We want to approach all our patients with the same amount of care, regardless of the treatment they are receiving, and no matter how complex the treatment.

General dentistry

General dentistry is the practice of maintaining oral health through check-ups and various treatments. General dentistry covers anything to do with the basic health of your mouth and will ensure that you don’t have any impending problems. If you need a dentist in Soho, then make sure to book a consultation with PS Dental as soon as possible, so we can assess any potential problems.


A cavity, or tooth decay, is caused by a significant build-up of plaque or tartar, due to a lack of dental hygiene. Sugars and starches will form on your teeth if you do not maintain a good dental hygiene regime, therefore, it is important to brush at least twice a day and floss once a day, to ensure that as much plaque is removed as possible. If plaque is left on the teeth, then bacteria will begin to thrive on the sugars, and acids are produced. These acids are what cause tooth decay, and will begin to slowly destroy the tooth, eventually reaching the dentine, and possibly even the pulp. A great amount of pain can follow these processes, and can even result in the destruction of the tooth.

Problems caused by cavities

Not only can cavities cause a great deal of pain, but they can also make your overall oral health susceptible to many problems. One of the main problems can be abscesses, which can form in more serious cavity cases. Secondly, the pain of the tooth can often cause chewing problems, which can result in digestive problems, and affect the alignment of the jaw if you are favouring one side to chew on.

Irreparable damage to the tooth is also a great concern, as while there are some great replacement options for a tooth, saving an organic tooth is always the best course of action for your dental well-being.

Ways to avoid cavities

If you are unsure about the best way to avoid cavities, then we would recommend consulting your dentist. In Soho, PS Dental Care ensures that it remains one of the most welcoming and professional dental practices in the area, always putting the patient first.

The main way to avoid cavities, as mentioned before, is maintaining good dental hygiene. There are also treatments available to help reduce plaque and exposure to cavities, such as fluoride treatment and antibacterial treatment. There are also treatments such as fissure sealants. Fissure sealants work by filling in the deep crevices of the teeth, particularly the molars, with a resin that will prevent plaque and bacteria thriving in hard to reach places.

Diet is also a factor, and while sugary foods are to be avoided, it is the consistency of sugary foods that contribute to plaque, which is why is it important not to snack, and to maintain a strict hygiene.

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