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Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Choosing the right dentist is an important decision because your teeth are often the first thing that people notice. Damaged, crooked or missing teeth can mean that your smile is notable for the wrong reasons and can also make everyday activities difficult. Feeling unhappy with your appearance can undermine your self-esteem and quality of life. We all know that having strong teeth and healthy gums are crucial but they also affect the beauty of your smile. Good dental health is vital for a smile to be proud of and the ability to live life to the full. At PS Dental Care, an established dentist in Soho, we aim to make general, restorative, emergency and cosmetic dentistry accessible to all.

Quality services

Why choose us as your Soho dentist?

We know that you want to look your best and that you deserve care that meets your needs. We endeavour to make any treatments as painless as possible and provide comprehensive aftercare so that you get the support you require. You might associate seeing your Soho dentist with services such as regular check-ups, fillings and replacing lost teeth. Did you know that we can also carry out advanced procedures, help with mercury-free dentistry and provide services to improve facial aesthetics? Modern procedures are often faster, less invasive and more discreet than before, so you can benefit from an improved appearance, greater wellbeing and good oral health.

Getting the care you need

When you visit us as your dentist in Soho, you will find that everyone, from the receptionist through to our experienced team, demonstrates a respectful, caring and informative approach. We want to keep you informed at all stages so you know what to expect. We know that dental work can sometimes be expensive but we make it as affordable as possible and offer financial plans so that you can spread the cost of payments. This allows you to access the care you need and avoid the anxiety associated with wondering how you will pay for it.

Join the hundreds of people who trust us as their Soho dentist and find out how our care enables people to enjoy strong teeth, attractive smiles and even their trip to the dentist.

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