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Straighten your teeth with your dentist in Soho

If you are looking for a streamlined and convenient way to straighten your teeth, then we recommend you look no further than your friendly and professional dentist in Soho to discuss with you your viability for the Invisalign programme.

Invisalign is a removable, clear aligner that fits tightly over teeth and is difficult to see when worn. Each aligner tray is used for around 2-3 weeks and a new one is digitally designed and made to gradually push teeth into their correct alignment over a number of months.

The secret behind the amazing results that we can offer you from this treatment at PS Dental Care is with the iTero software. This scan can be used in a number of ways, firstly to show you the complexity of your situation and then to model a way in which to rectify it.

So you can see with your own eyes the transformation you are about to embark on. Visually seeing it has been shown to inspire, encourage and give you a deeper insight into your condition, so that you are more eager to create a healthier smile.

Each movement will be digitally perfected for maximum effect with minimal discomfort. As we are able to design your aligners using the software, there is no room for human error as is possible with more traditional braces. Rest assured that the millions of happy patients so far using Invisalign can’t be wrong.

If you would like to hear more about Invisalign, then you should contact your local dentist in Soho for more information. We can arrange a time to book a scan to determine whether we think you will be suitable.

Some people with severe misalignments may find that they may have better results using other treatments available. Thankfully, there are many out there these days and we are sure that we will be able to find you a device that offers fast and effective results, whilst blending in with your lifestyle as well.

Why should I bother to straighten my teeth?

Having straighter teeth and a correct bite means that your mouth will be healthier. There is less chance for damage to occur, either through an accident or gradually over time, as an incorrect bite can wear down your teeth or cause pain to your jaw.

We have also noted that cramped or crossed over teeth present with more plaque. This is probably from the inability to reach some areas that would otherwise be easier if teeth were more correctly aligned.

As we all know, more plaque and bad bacteria left on the teeth erodes your enamel faster, which can cause tooth decay. If you speak with your friendly, local dentist in Soho, they will be able to explain your personal situation in more depth and give you insight into the current health of your teeth.

If by straightening teeth you can improve your health as well as your confidence in your smile, then we will strongly recommend that you consider taking this chance for you to enjoy a better quality of life.



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