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Taking full advantage of our services

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

At PS Dental Care, we want you to get the most out of our practice. When you visit the dentist in Soho at our clinic, you can look forward to patient-centred care that meets all of your dental needs.

Our routine dentistry is the first service we offer you. If you have never been to us before, your initial appointment is where we begin to gather information about your teeth.

We have several hygienists on staff so this is a good time to get a clean and polish to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque is a clear, sticky film containing bacteria that forms naturally on your teeth over the course of a day. Good brushing around the teeth and gums removes it. If you do not get rid of it all, it can harden over time. This is not good for your teeth and it is best if you have it removed by the hygienist.

our services

If you need any small repairs, we can usually take care of this at your routine appointments when you visit the dentist in Soho at PS Dental Care.

Check out our cosmetic range

When your teeth are clean and healthy, you can consider something from our cosmetic range. We offer an array of services to repair, adjust and refine your smile. Teeth whitening is a popular choice and is relatively simple. We also offer veneers, cosmetic orthodontics and white fillings.

Ask your dentist for recommendations

If you are not sure what you want to do with your teeth, you can ask us for recommendations. At PS Dental Care, we offer only those treatments that we think will have a strong impact on your look. We know that, if you see great results, you are more likely to come back to us for other treatments.

Sometimes, you may want to combine treatments to create a beautiful new look for your smile. We create a smile makeover plan to achieve this when you visit the dentist in Soho at our clinic.

Creating your whole look at the dentist

Talk to us about our facial aesthetics range. If you want smooth skin to match your healthy smile, the treatments we offer can help to rejuvenate your face and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

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Providing Signature Smile Makeovers

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