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Taking time to visit your dental hygienist

Keeping on top of your dental hygiene is the key to maintaining strong, healthy teeth for many years, provided of course that you also avoid nasty tooth crunching accidents. People who neglect their dental hygiene often find themselves facing gum disease and the discomfort that comes along with it. This includes, pain when brushing, sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, nasty smells from your mouth and if left for too long, tooth loss. This is why, here at PS Dental Care, we provide the services of a dental hygienist at our practice in Soho. Dentist. For many, a dentist is someone who fixes problems in your mouth. It is important to note that a dentist, and the hygienist, can help you prevent problems occurring in your mouth in the first place.

Dentist in soho

What does a hygienist do?

When visiting your dentist in Soho it is well worth asking for an appointment with the hygienist. They will give your teeth a deep clean, great news for getting rid of tough stains caused by tobacco, coffee and tea. A regular scale and polish will remove stuck on plaque, stains and any debris that is hiding below your gum line. This aids in the prevention of gum disease, which thrives on this kind of debris. Of course, a scale and polish is by no means a substitute for your own dedicated oral hygiene routine but it is a fantastic addition.

Oral hygiene advice at your dentist in Soho

It’s easy to have an autopilot switch for your dental routines, so it’s good to have a review sometimes and make sure you’re reaching all the right places. While you are with the hygienist, they will examine you for any signs of disease like gingivitis and gum disease. Depending on what they find they will be able to give you advice on how to prevent any problems from getting worse. This might be tips on improving your oral hygiene routine. Your hygienist can help you to choose new tools for your routine as they review new brushes and tools regularly. Your hygienist will be able to provide information about other preventive dental options such as applying sealants or fluoride to your tooth’s surface for preventing tooth decay.



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