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Uncover a dentist in Soho like no other

A different sort of dentist

Here at PS Dental care, we are more than your archetypal dental practice within the center of London. Whilst there are an array of different practices to choose from, we are one of the few who offer an entirely patient-tailored, customised dental experience which is crafted to fit the unique and personal requirements of each of our patients, rather than just opting for the clinical, standardised approach to dentistrywhich is sadly favoured by a vast number of practices within the area. Here at PS Dental care, we are a dentist in Soho who strive to put the needs and desires of each patient at the forefront of everything we do. It is our duty to ensure they feel well taken care of and respected, along every step of their unique, formative dental journey.

Unlock your smile’s true potential

At PS Dental Care, all too often do we see patients who have refrained from seeking out our services for a great deal of time, and have been living each day with teeth which are stained, discoloured, dijaunted or chipped. Having such minor dental issues, if left untreated, can often result in the self-esteem and confidence of the patient suffering. Here at PS Dental Care, we do not want to see our patients upset or have them refrain from smiling out of fear of potential embarrassment, and as such urge those who do require treatment to take the time to visit and speak to one of our cosmetic professionals.

A whole lot of issues

One cosmetic treatment which has gained a great deal of popularity throughout recent years, is the implementation of dental implants. This is a treatment which is only generally carried out in cases where the patient’s teeth have become significantly damaged, or have been lost. Implants act as a prosthetic solution to patients who are looking to fill in gaps in their smile, which can often lead to serious detrimental dental and health issues if left untreated. These can include, but are not limited to, the degradation and reabsorption of bone tissue around the patient's teeth resulting in their facial structure changing and their perceived age increasing exponentially, and the loss of speech. Whilst numbers of those seeking out treatment is on the rise, It is still estimated that an excess of 27 million adults across the UK are missing teeth.

Bridging the gaps

As such, here at PS Dental care, we are a dentist in Sohowho offer dental implant procedures, designed to fully restore a patient's smile, and self-esteem for years to come, and reverse any effects of an untreated gap within their jaws. The process of receiving dental implant treatment from our trained professionals here at PS Dental Care, initially consists of a consultation period. This would be done to establish a patient's eligibility for implants, as well as highlight the positive impact which they can expect the treatment to have. Thereafter, providing the patient wishes to proceed with the process, the installation will begin. After the drilling of a small hole, a titanium-alloy socket is placed in the hole and then being left to allow it to heal. Titanium-alloy is used for its unique ability to fuse itself within bone tissue, and after a brief period, during which fusion takes place, a replica tooth is then inserted into the socket which gives the appearance of a good as new, sturdy and virtually indistinguishable tooth, which will keep a smile on the patients face for years to come.

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