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Unsure if dental implants are for you? Four benefits of implants from our dentist at PS Dental Care

Did you know that the popular dental implant can provide you with more than just a better looking smile?

It may sound unusual but there are many cosmetic dental procedures that offer more than just improving the appearance of your teeth and smile; they can also offer you health benefits too!

It can be hard to decide when to undertake a cosmetic procedure and when it comes to mixing cosmetic work with teeth, many people become understandably squeamish. After all, we have all heard horror stories in the media about cosmetic surgeries gone wrong, so why would we want to risk that with our teeth?

At PS Dental Care, we are aware of the potential complications surrounding cosmetic dental work, but are also aware of the real benefits that are often overlooked. When you visit our dentist in Soho for dental implants, for instance, you will get more than a filler for that gap in your teeth; you are improving your overall health too in ways you hadn’t even thought of!

Better digestion

We often forget that our teeth are the first stop in our digestive system, responsible for the crushing and grinding of food.

When our dentist in Soho fits you with a dental implant, regardless of the number of missing teeth, your mouth will be better equipped to perform its essential function; to grind up food! This will allow for better digestion, better absorption of nutrients, a reduction in bloating, flatulence and even acid reflux.

Healthier gums

Gaps in between your teeth are a great place for bacteria to accumulate and lead to either tooth decay or periodontal diseases.

When you have an implant fitted by our dentist in Soho, you are filling that gap and preventing the build up of difficult to remove bacteria; remember, gum diseases can lead to tooth loss, which is the last thing you need when you already have gaps in your mouth!

Bone regeneration

When we lose teeth, the jawbone recedes as it is no longer holding anything in place.

While this may seem fairly benign, it can lead to destabilisation or movement of surrounding natural teeth. This can cause now partially mobile teeth to protrude, accumulate plaque or fall out altogether!

As implants are fixed into the jaw, the bone builds up around them over several months before the prosthesis (tooth) is fitted, allowing for better stabilisation of the surrounding teeth.

Better speech

Missing teeth can cause havoc on speech; the tongue is now able to move into gaps that were once closed, meaning your speech may become slurred or difficult to understand.

Implants fill these gaps, holding the tongue securely in place and allow for better, more concise vocal patterns and inflections.

Better eating habits

Many of the healthier foods, like fruit and vegetables, can prove problematic to consume with either dentures or gaps in your teeth.

As implants are secured to your jaw, consuming harder foods, like carrots, is made easier allowing for a more varied, healthier diet.

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