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Unsure if you need emergency dentist in Soho? 5 painless conditions that warrant emergency treatment

It is never a fun day when you wake up with a tooth-ache. While many people can simply take a painkiller and get on with their day, there are some instances this is just not possible, due to the amount of discomfort that you are in. In this case, you need an emergency dental appointment!

But of course, that is obvious and our team at PS Dental Care sees thousands of patients each year who have acute pain that is preventing them from functioning. But did you know that you don’t need to be in pain to have a dental emergency? Indeed, there are many scenarios that require urgent dental treatment that does not cause discomfort, meaning that when our team finally treats these issues, the procedure is more complicated and more time-consuming.

Our team at PS Dental wants to ensure that your teeth are as healthy as possible and so, we are eager to inform all of our patients on which conditions may warrant a same-day appointment with our dentist in Soho. After all, no one wants to undertake an extensive procedure that could have been avoided, and our emergency dental team is able to see patients the same day if they need a rapid response to prevent secondary complications.

So what are some of these seemingly painless problems that may require emergency treatment from our dentist in Soho? Read on to find out!

Lost filling or crown

It is unlikely that you will lose a filling or a crown without some level of discomfort, however, it can happen and many people simply delay seeing our dentist in Soho until their next scheduled check-up. By then, it is likely that secondary issues will have arisen, such as more extensive decay, cracks, or even damage to the pulp of the tooth. Either way, the moment you notice a lost filling or crown, call our team at PS Dental!


Swelling in the facial area is often indicative of a dental issue, such as an impacted tooth or abscess. Therefore, the moment you notice any swelling, it is important to consult with one of our team. Remember, it doesn’t have to be tender to be serious!

Chips and cracks

A common occurrence for most people (especially those who are avid sports players), chipped or cracked teeth may often seem like little more than a cosmetic issue. However, just like a lost filling or crown, such damage to your teeth can be an open channel for bacteria to get access to the pulp of your tooth, where it can cause an abscess, decay, and extreme discomfort. So, the moment you notice a crack or chip, book an emergency dental appointment!

Detached brace

While quite rare, detaching of braces can and does happen. If you notice that your fitted brace is wobbly or that one of the brackets is loose, you will need an emergency appointment to reattach the brace and an appointment with your orthodontist.



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