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When people think about going to the dentist they often associate it with general check-ups or having their teeth pulled out. At PS Dental Care we offer an extensive range of treatments, from restoring your missing teeth to making sure that you are satisfied with your current ones. Sometimes adult teeth can grow through at uneven angles, or they may have gaps between them, leaving a person feeling insecure and unsatisfied with the appearance of their smile. Other people may be struggling with missing teeth, finding it difficult to not only smile, but chew and eat with confidence as well. Regardless of why you are unhappy with your teeth, our dentist Soho is ready to do whatever they can to help you achieve the smile that you desire. You will be able to express your worries and concerns at your consultation appointment, which can be arranged either online through our website or over the telephone.

Do you find yourself wishing that your front teeth were straighter?

A lot of people make an appointment with our dentist Soho to find out what they can do about straightening their front teeth. Whilst some people require traditional straightening treatments to resolve more severe misalignment issues, others only have slight misalignment issues or are only worried about straightening their front ones, as they are the teeth that are visible when smiling. Invisalign is an extremely efficient and convenient treatment when it comes to straightening front teeth. If you opt for this treatment you will have a digital scan taken of your teeth and then be provided with custom-made aligners to wear. You will be given multiple sets of aligners to wear in a particular order, as each set will move your teeth slightly more towards their final positions. These aligners are completely removable, so you can take them out for both eating and brushing your teeth, but you still need to ensure that you are wearing them for a minimum of twenty-two hours of the day if you wish your treatment to work as it should. The aligners themselves are made of a thin, clear plastic, fitting comfortably over your own teeth and are barely noticeable to other people.

Are missing teeth impacting your ability to smile or chew?

It can be extremely difficult to cope when your teeth begin to fall out or you lose a tooth prematurely due to an accident. There are many tooth replacement options for you to consider, but our dentist Soho provides dental implant treatment, which restores your missing teeth on a more permanent basis. This treatment can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth or even all of them. Patients that previously opted for dentures often upgrade to implants because of their stable nature. Your new teeth will be held securely in your mouth by small titanium screws that have been inserted into your jawbone to act as the roots of your missing teeth. This is one of the only treatments that ensures that your jawbone stays stimulated after tooth loss too, preventing it from disintegrating and giving your face a sunken appearance.

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