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What does the dentist in Soho offer alongside treatments?

A visit to the dentist in Soho is about more than the practical treatment that you receive. Modern dental practices, like PS Dental Care, are focused on the patient experience as well as your dental health. We know that there is a link between positive experiences at the dentist and your willingness to come and see us when you need to as well as for regular check-ups.

Dentist in soho

Below are just a few of the less tangible qualities that we offer you when you are a patient at PS Dental Care.


You need information in a clear and precise form when you visit the dentist in Soho. This might be about existing issues with your teeth or treatments that we recommend, or you are considering.

We can also appreciate that some procedures feel daunting to begin with and we have found that talking through the steps and facing any challenges that might be involved from the outset helps to reduce apprehension.

Our team are all skilled communicators and have a strong understanding of patient-centred care. We tell you what you need to know in a way that ensures you can integrate any treatment into your life.


Some dental treatments are quick and easy. Others take longer or might involve some strange sensations. Whatever your dental needs, we are here to support you. You can tell us exactly what you are feeling around your dental treatment. We do our best to alleviate any difficult issues and we have lots of experience dealing with nervous patients.


We offer you at-home care advice to support ongoing dental health or to assist you after treatments. We see your oral health as a collaborative effort between our team and you. This is why we choose advice that is simple but highly effective, so you are motivated to follow it when you get home.

Administrative care

Your details and treatment history are securely stored and accurately processed by our admin team. This supports your treatment and allows your dentist in Soho to offer you continuity of care. It also means efficient appointments that are guided by your past treatments and any dental goals you have told us about.

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