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What makes our dentist in Soho unique?

At our dental surgery situated within the heart of Soho we choose to embrace the latest advancements within dental technology, therefore ensuring we only treat our patients with the finest possible dental materials available on the modern dental market. However we also choose to employ the very best dental healthcare professionals to work for our patients. If you are a patient who is feeling conflicted between many local clinics, then you may wish to know a little more information about our dentist Soho.

The treatments available at our dentist Soho

In addition to offering our patients a modern (and therefore extremely welcoming) dental surgery, we also choose to embrace variety when it comes to the treatments available within the walls of our clinic. Just one example of the many types of dentistry we offer to our both new, and loyal patients, is cosmetic dental care.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dental care is becoming increasingly popular with our patients who are seeking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their smile. Arguably one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available within the modern field of dentistry is tooth whitening, but is this particular procedure right for your smile?

Is tooth whitening right for you?

Tooth whitening may be one of the first dental treatments that come to mind when ‘cosmetic dentistry’ is mentioned however our specialist team of dental healthcare professionals also choose to offer our patients a wide variety of alternate cosmetic dental procedures too including veneers, white bonding and teeth straightening. But if you are an individual who is suffering from pigmented, yellowing, or even generally discoloured teeth, then tooth whitening may be the perfect solution to your dental concerns.

What should I expect from the tooth whitening treatment process at your clinic?

Tooth whitening is an undeniably popular dental treatment now being made readily available by a mass of dental clinics both nationally, and even on an international scale. But what makes this particular dental treatment so popular for our patients?

Did you know?

Tooth whitening is often the best way for patients to resolve the unpleasant yellowing, or generally discoloured appearance of their smile which can unfortunately be caused by a wide variety of factors, one example of which being the consumption of highly pigmented food and drink, and even smoking tobacco. Despite this however, many of our patients may be unsure of exactly what to expect from this particular dental procedure at our modern dental surgery.

Taking the very first step towards your ideal smile

Many of our patients may be feeling self-conscious regarding the appearance of their yellowing smile, which is where our dental team steps in. Discolouration of the teeth can cause individuals to shy away from showing their smile, which is why tooth whitening is a fantastic solution for patients suffering from a lack of self-esteem.

So what happens next?

Much like any dental procedure at our clinic, every tooth whitening treatment starts with an introductory initial consultation. During this appointment our dental healthcare professionals may take initial assessments of your smile to prepare for your whitening treatment, in addition to tending to any queries or concerns that you may have. This is to ascertain the type of staining your teeth suffer from. The whitening procedure can be conducted in the dental practice, but at-home whitening is also available under the watchful eye of yourdentist Soho!

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