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What to expect on your trip to the dentist’s office

Many people fear the dentist because they expect to receive bad news. We have put together a list of the duties we perform on the day of your visit to put your anxieties to rest.

Our objective as dentists in Soho at PS Dental Care is to provide you with top service and the promise of efficient and compassionate care that will make even our most nervous patients feel at ease. As we poke, prod, scrape and take dental impressions of your mouth, by knowing why we are doing so should make coming to us for help a more relaxed and pleasant experience for you and your family.

An oral assessment

Our dentist and oral hygienist work together to perform the following vital tasks.

Check your gums

The gum disease Gingivitis is generally easy to detect - your gums appear red, and there are deep pockets that separate your bone from your gums. An instrument called a periodontal probe measures the extent of the damage and whether a significant bone loss has occurred due to the advancement of the disease. The outcome to this will determine treatment. This could be either a deep clean with our oral hygienist to scrap out and remove calcified plaque, or a referral to a periodontist if the issue is more serious.

Take X-rays

We take several x-rays to reveal the presence of cavities. Enamel that is softer than usual is indicative of tooth decay, and an x-ray will substantiate this. We also examine the height and health of your bones, abnormalities of which could point to a periodontal issue.

Assess your bite

Having your upper teeth protrude over your lower ones might not appear to be an issue or impact your life at all, but down the road, it could inhibit your speech and the way you eat.

Irregular bites could be a sign that you need braces.

Screenings for cancer and other diseases

You might not know this, but early signs of serious illness originate from your mouth, such as diabetes, oral cancer and HIV AIDS.

A dentist will perform screenings to detect symptoms that occur in the mouth. Keeping to your scheduled dentist’s appointment might not only save your teeth but your life.

A scale and polish

Don’t you just love the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth? Using tools to scrape off plaque and special paste to polish the enamel, you will leave the dentist with brilliantly shining teeth you will want to flaunt.

The result of a deep cleaning of this kind is not one you can achieve through regular brushing and flossing, no matter how well you clean at home.

Tips and helpful advice on how to keep your teeth clean and cavity-free

Dental practitioners are teeth experts who come with a wealth of knowledge and experience, having seen the worst side of tooth decay.

While some teeth problems are genetic, many can be prevented with regular brushing, flossing and a healthy diet.

After your treatment, your dentist in Soho will show you how to floss correctly and the best way to brush your teeth - at a 45-degree angle in a circular motion, cleaning both the teeth and gums. You may be asked about the brand of toothpaste you use and your toothbrush model, you might be recommended alternatives that suit your unique needs better.

We will ask for details about your diet, and tell you what food and drink to avoid to prevent further damage, cavities and tooth breakages.

No one likes visiting a dentist in Soho, but it is an inevitable part of life. Knowing why visiting your dental practitioner is so essential will make your check-ups less of an ordeal.

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