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When will your dentist in Soho recommend dental implants?

Having an implant treatment recommended by your dentist in Soho is pretty commonplace as it can serve as a great way to solve a number of oral health issues. It’s a relatively quick procedure that leaves you with a sturdy and natural looking replacement for the tooth, or teeth that are being replaced.

Here’s a short list of some of the situations in which one of our team might recommend you try out implants.

Replacing badly damaged or broken teeth

On the list of reasons your dentist in Soho would recommend an implant, this is perhaps the most common one. When teeth have become badly damaged or broken they are at an increased risk of disease, decay and cavities forming, as the protective enamel layer is no longer completely intact.

To counter this an implant may be used to completely replace any teeth that are broken or damaged to an extent where something like veneers or other attempts at repair might not be able to fully fix it. So in these cases a full replacement could be your only option.

At PS Dental Care our experienced team of dental practitioners will be able to shape and shade your new prosthetic tooth in a way that allows it to completely blend in with its new neighbours, giving you that sturdy and natural looking replacement you need.

Sterile alternative for diseased or compromised teeth

In a similar way to if a tooth is badly damaged, if disease or decay has set in to such an extent that your gums or other teeth are being put at risk, then an extraction and replacement with a sterile porcelain alternative could be the correct course of action.

Gum disease and infection are things that are always taken seriously by our team, as if neglected, each of these situations could become worse and in some extreme cases an infection could spread to your jawbone and cause it to disintegrate. So the sooner they are dealt with the better.

Filling in the gaps in your gum line

Another common use for implants is filling in the gaps that are left in your gum line from teeth that have either been removed for some reason, fallen out on their own, or dislodged from accidents and injuries. These spaces can cause your remaining teeth to weaken as they no longer have a sturdy neighbour to lean on as you exert pressure on them whilst you talk, bite and chew. Over time this can lead to the remaining teeth wearing down quicker, cracking or becoming dislodged or loose.

So inserting a porcelain replacement then fills in these voids and strengthens the teeth once again to protect your smile and help it last as you get older.

These are just a few examples of when one of our dentists might recommend you look into our implant treatments. There are a number of other situations in which an implanted tooth could help out your tooth troubles, but these are a few of the more common ones. For further information about this technique or to schedule an appointment to find out how they could potentially benefit you, just give our team at the practice a call.



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