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Who are PS Dental Care?

As a dentist in Soho we are dedicated to ensuring our patients get the quality of care and treatment that they need and deserve. We strive to offer procedures that are up to date with current dental practice. We offer treatments and dental services to patients of all ages, making certain that the whole family can be cared for at our practice. As a dental clinic we have been providing long-lasting treatments and quality care for the patients who have entrusted their oral health to us over many years. We focus on three areas of dentistry to ensure that all the needs of our patients are met. We offer preventive treatments that can save our patients from needing further treatments down the line and offer restorative treatments to replace and mend teeth, alongside cosmetic dentistry to build up a healthy looking smile. We will discuss what specific treatments we offer in the next section of this article. We will then move on to discuss why you should consider us as your practice when you need quality dental care.

What treatments do you offer?

We offer many treatments to patients at our dentist in Soho. These procedures have been tried and tested to ensure that they are safe and our team members are highly trained to ensure that all treatments are properly carried out. Each individual treatment has been designed to have a different effect on the teeth and gums. In terms of cosmetic dentistry we offer an array of treatments that can help to make your smile look fresher and brighter. This treatment bracket includes teeth whitening, veneers, smile design, Invisalign, cosmetic bonding and crowns. We offer specific treatments for patients who have missing teeth, these specific treatments include dental implants, bridges and crowns. We also offer general dentistry, which includes quality emergency dentistry. Other treatments also include those incorporating dental hygiene, mercury-free dentistry and prevention work.

Alongside quality dental care we also offer facial aesthetics and these procedures include botulinum toxin and anti-wrinkle treatment. All treatments can be used to make the face appear smoother and fresher and could potentially accompany a dental treatment to ensure that both your face and your smile are in the best condition possible, so you can feel confident about how you look.

Why should you consider us?

You should consider us as your dentist in Soho, as we would be proud to help you on the journey to your new smile. We, as a practice believe that all patients deserve the best level of care. We believe that dental care should always be of quality but not unaffordable. We have specifically designed our treatments to ensure that patients’ budgets have been considered. Therefore we offer financial plans which can also help with dental costs and provide the most up to date treatments, and can administer these with efficiency and efficacy. We are always looking to improve the quality of our treatments and ensure that our safety and effectiveness attained are of the highest possible level. We are a friendly practice who will always listen to your concerns. We take the time to meet the needs of each individual patient and we will always endeavour to make your dental experience an enjoyable and truly beneficial one.

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