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Why a visit to our dentist is essential for oral health

Every journey towards good dental health requires regular visits to a dentist Soho. Good dental health is a prerequisite for living a good quality life, which is why our dental practitioners at PS Dental Care urge all patients not to miss out on their scheduled check-up appointments. We have an experienced and exceptionally competent dentist Soho to provide patients with professional consultations, check-ups and, if deemed necessary, the very best quality dental care.

It is highly unlikely that a patient who sees to it that they attend routine check-up appointments with our dentist Soho will experience a serious dental problem that necessitates expensive and complex treatment plans.

Dental check-ups are predominantly focused on identifying worrying symptoms that threaten oral health and to put in place preventive measures to stop further problems from developing. We believe that in sticking to their appointment schedules, patients do their dental health a great service. Read on for our discussion on what some of the major benefits of looking after your dental health are.

The rewards of dental check-up appointments

Reduce the presence of enamel-destroying plaque

Most patients are familiar with the golden rule of oral health – brush teeth twice a day. What patients may not know is that, while beneficial in keeping teeth healthy, brushing and flossing alone are not enough to stop the accumulation of plaque and tartar in its tracks. The help of a professional dentist is a non-negotiable factor, as are regular deep cleaning treatments.

Our dental practitioner is best placed to carry out suitable treatments to resolve symptoms such as cavities and provide fluoride treatments to strengthen tooth enamel.

Lessen the likelihood of gum issues

A healthy mouth does not depend on healthy clean teeth alone, but on healthy gums as well. Without the vital support structure that gums provide to teeth, jawbone density would deteriorate which would lead to tooth loss. Severe gum problems are known for prolonged treatment plans and can be costly, too.

A critical part of a check-up appointment with our dentist is to inspect gum health to check that there are no symptoms such as swelling or deep gum pockets. We would like to remind patients that when caught in its early stages, gum disease is relatively easy to treat successfully provided that the patient follows all instructions of dental hygiene.

Get screened for oral cancer

Another vitally important item on the dental check-up appointment checklist is to screen for mouth cancers. This is of huge benefit to the patient on two accounts. First, mouth cancers are best treated in the early stages of development. Secondly, if left to progress, mouth cancers are known to have fatal consequences.

Check for other symptoms of illness

An examination of teeth and gums, neck, jaw and lymph nodes can reveal much about overall physical health. A dental practitioner may be able to detect signs of medical conditions such as diabetes which can be detrimental to dental health if not controlled.

Let our extremely competent and experienced dental practitioners at PS Dental Care help you keep on top of your oral health.

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