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Your dentist Soho will assist with all your dental care needs

Look after your oral health and wellbeing with a visit to your local dentist Soho. Here at PS Dental Care, we offer general dentistry as well as preventive and cosmetic treatments so you can enjoy the utmost care and support as a patient.

If you’re looking to have veneers or would like to find out more about how to go about having teeth whitening performed, we would be happy to assist. Other popular treatments we offer include dermal fillers and a variety of facial rejuvenation treatments that can assist with turning back the clock to reverse the signs of ageing in patients.

If you’re looking to transform your smile and would like to improve the current state of your teeth, we highly recommend considering our Smile Makeover services and range of clear braces and aligners.

For those patients looking to have cosmetic dentistry, we offer bonding and porcelain veneers which are highly effective in resulting in a healthy glowing smile that is bound to increase your confidence levels.

Short-term treatments also include teeth whitening which is ideal for those patients that require minor adjustments and hope to achieve a Hollywood-worthy smile.

Our dentist Soho is also here to assist with routine check-ups and teeth cleaning as it plays a vital role in sustaining good levels of oral health. Now you can enjoy a sense of peace knowing that your oral health is looked after, and you have healthy functioning teeth and gums.

The key to great oral health is through preventive dentistry and routine visits

At PS Dental Care we’re passionate about preventive dentistry as we believe it plays a huge role in looking after a patient’s health and wellbeing. We highly recommend having routine dental check-ups so that we may assist with looking after your teeth, gums, and mouth. We can assist with regular check-ups as well as offer teeth cleaning services to patients.

Through preventive dentistry, our dental practitioner is able to determine whether or not there are any instances of infection or gum disease. We believe that one of the best ways of preventing any minor infections or symptoms from becoming worse is early detection.

Our dentist Soho recommends that patients visit our practice every six months for a routine check-up or even just a general clean and that way we can assess your mouth and teeth and keep an eye out for any early warning signs of infection.

Try our Smile Makeover treatment plan for a glowing smile

Our dental practitioner will be able to consult with you and to perform an assessment on your teeth and gums. This way he can diagnose any dental issues and create a customised treatment plan suited to your specific needs and goals. Following this he is then able to recommend the best course of action to achieve your dream smile and a personalised plan is developed with the assistance of orthodontics.

If you’re looking to improve your self-esteem and would like to change the state of your teeth, PS Dental Care is here to help in any way we can with your smile transformation journey. Our Smile Makeover option has proved popular, and the results have been incredible.


Providing Signature Smile Makeovers

38 Poland St, Soho, London W1F 7LY

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